er seen Huo Nan, but he also took the dagger. He took the book and went to the training room. Jiang Yuxi touched her. The top of the head. Cheng Liming did not bring the team over. Nanxun put the book on the desk, and turned pages one by one in a careless manner. Yu Guang sometimes drifted to the two people who were talking outside the corridor. Chapter 50 Returning to the Road (10) … “Isn’t Cheng Liming going to pick up people? How did you start the driver?” Huo Nan stood on the side of the door and squatted in the middle. “Girlfriend let others pick up, I don’t want to face?” Jiang Yuxiao laughed back. “What are you doing here?” Huo Nan’s meal, and he looked at Nanxun again, only to look back, picking the corner and saying something right, ” My dad’s research institute just made a new type of fighter. I want to ask if you have the willingness to fly. If you go, the personal insurance will be bought for you.” At this time, the sun is especially dazzling, and it is downstairs. Trees and flowers are covered with golden awns. Jiang Yu’s hand was placed on the belt, and the lower arm was blown sideways. “See no, special camp, fly that.” “I don’t believe you can’t come,” Huo Nan said, “Your information is my father. I have mastered it in my hand, and I have taken a degree from Q Da and Air Navigation. I am a daddy, how can I let you go, and it seems that the day before yesterday, your dad came to the institute to drink half a day of tea, and on the 6th next month is the air show. Jiang Yingchang, you can’t run away. “Look at the sky.” “Jiang Yu suddenly stunned, really looked up and smashed the blue sky like a mirror, the birds swiftly passed. Huo Nan smiled, see Cheng Liming brought the team over, only a little pause, they led the team into the training room, Huo Nan eyes stunned That is, it has become bleak. “I haven’t talked yet,” Jiang Yuzhen turned his head and went into Cheng Liming. “Would you like to find a venue for you to have a good fight? Your temper is also explosive. If you want to fight, you can ta