the battlefield, and they really want to protect people or the Secret Service. “… Grandpa, I don’t want people from there to get in.” Nanjing sauna has a headache. After all, dealing with Washington, those who are pervasive will definitely come in. “Childish! Which security company does not have their people, or else trust you, why give you orders!” Old Smith did not breathe a few words, but soon and Yan Yue color, to say his grandson That is really glory for the family. “Oh, now there are a lot of people in Washington who want to know you, especially the Olympiad of the party. In February this year, I stood up to run for the presidency. This rookie can retreat Hillary’s slap in the face, have to say It’s a big surprise. It seems that Romney has hit a hard scorpion this year!” Nanjing’s sauna eyes couldn’t help but he knew that O’Hara was elected with a high vote, although his elephant party background was too strong, but everyone I know that I am a mixed-child, and I support Ou Niu. It is very necessary to do political investment. “Yes, I also want to meet the black presidential candidate, outside the black Vasp. I think the American people will be happy to choose a black man to be the president. After all, this shows that it has long been against racial discrimination and lords.Freedom in the United States has always been ahead of the world. “Nanjing sauna sneered out and said that he himself felt the reason for being funny. “Ha~ You really are not suitable for the political road. If there is no Kennedy family support of the business wizard political idiot, you think he can win Hillary.” ? Ok, it doesn’t make sense to tell you this, but you want to meet him. This is a deliberate attempt to imitate Kennedy’s O’Brien. In fact, it is also a political idiot. Like the Kennedy man, it is interesting. He has been hanging on his lips to be committed to the unity and cooperation of the two parties of the elephant and the scorpion. If not Edward and Caroline are both shirtless to help him, hehe. . . The Nanjing sa