ghting for power and profit, nor did he despise Xu Ning, the ‘thief with the army’, and entrusted the county. Xu Ning wants to come, this battle is the hero of the Liangshan people, it will also be defeated. The small mound is a highland around, and Xu quietly watched the ‘big army’ passing under the mound, and then ambushed one by one. At the same time, the intelligence of the road is also sent like a running water. A Liangshanpo grain transport team is coming. Liu Tang and Xiao Xiaoqi led the people to stay in Qinghe. Lu Qian’s head to Yanggu was only five. In addition to the Li Wei trio, it was Han Bolong and Lu Zhi. Deep. This time, a person who led a battalion and escorted the grain to Qinghe County was the flower monk Lu Zhishen. There is no waterway, only dry roads can be used. It takes a lot of livestock vehicles to transport more than ten thousand and twenty thousand stone foods. Lu Qian searched all the three villages in Dulonggang, and could not find so many cars and horses, so they could only be transported in batches. Taking the people of Lijiazhuang and Yanjiazhuang as the husbands, they promised them the benefits of going back and forth with five buckets of grain. The horses and horses were counted separately, and the people in Yanjiazhuang and Lijiazhuang rushed to sign up. Lu Qian knows that this Liangshanpo’s ‘big name’ is really very credible, very trustworthy and very hard. This year, the beginning of last year, Liangshan Bo punishment to help the weak, in addition to violence, the name of the Tianxing Road spread widely. And because the name of Liangshanbo is against the blood of a door with a local tyrant, it is especially trustworthy. Even the remote place of Dulonggang is known. Although the ancient information dissemination speed is slow, Yanggu County is affiliated to Jeju Prefecture, which is a ‘region’. If there is a slow progress, is there a ‘progress’? But Lu Qian still thinks this may be the bonus of the world of water. In Jiajiazhuang and Lijiazhuang, together with Zhujiazhuang, a