, but how much of this is left, Zhang Yuyu knows better than Sumi. “And there are a lot of them. I think about it. If I remember correctly, I have to have a big basket of prawns. Do you want to use them?” Zhang Yuyu is staring at the soup, and he is careless. Asked. “Well, use it, is it in the back kitchen? I will take it.” Something that needs to be kept at a low temperature is placed there. After Sumi got a positive answer, he moved the prawns himself. This dish will definitely bring you back to the city! This matter is determined by Sumi. “How do you want this whole prawns? Boiled shrimps? If you give me directly, you will be ready to prepare the ingredients.” Zhang Yuyu thought that Sumi is still the same as before, he wants to make this boiled shrimp, this will be I volunteered to say that I can do it. But this time, Sumi Have your own plans. “There is no such thing, but the taste of the dish I made is also good, it is also a new dish, you look at it.” Sumi shook his head, and his hands began to wear flowers and butterflies. “What new dish, how do I look at you and take this bitter gourd, do you want to eat this bitter melon with the whole prawns?” Zhang Yuyu began to frown when he saw bitter gourd. If you say that this piece of stone lei loves to eat, other people can follow a few mouthfuls, and Sumi wants to do it. Zhang Yuyu has nothing to say, but this bitter melon, it’s really just like Sumi, there is no one in the whole family. food! It is the dog next door. . . This is really not to be said indiscriminately. The dog next door doesn’t know what’s going on. I really like to eat this bitter gourd, and I eat it with relish. The look of satisfaction, I don’t know, I think it’s awkward. What is the best fruit of the world. “Well, I have to eat a bitter gourd shrimp. I have eaten too much during this time. We should also scrape the oil. You said it is?” Sumi smiled very cute, but unfortunately, Zhang Yuyu would not Pay the bill. “You can pull you down, you know that two children are more willing to eat th