ss around. I will wait until the Nanjing sauna to come in. Oh, you think I don’t know Nanjing. Is the YU of the sauna a changeable TAI? Giggle… “You are a madman!” “Thank you, this is the gene of our Hearst family, the nouveau princess!” “Ah-” “Good ball!” The two celebrities who spoke in words were pulled back to the scene by the almost bursting cheers and applause, and the back of the Nanjing sauna, which stood up and cheered up, and looked up to the big screen. Chauncey Billups has a high-altitude pass in the march. The high-altitude players in the basket are like giants. Da Yao jumped up and grabbed the ball with one hand. An aerial relay broke the ball into the basket. . . ———— The eighth hundred and sixty-two chapters are a tragic word! “Yao–” “Yao–” cheers of the whole game, the atmosphere of the whole game was completely raised, the anger of Dayao, and the high-fiving of Changlu, while waving to the field, waving The arm, this feeling is what he has been waiting for for a long time. Changlu’s passing is just like God’s help to him, it’s too comfortable. Listening to the shouts of the fans, he swept away the resentment of the losing streak in the away game. Several front-ranking Chinese faces, cheering him aloud. He knows that there are many Chinese coming tonight, and the Chinese in front of the TV. More. Da Yao stood in the basket, opened his arm and began to defend. He is already familiar with the Nelson’s coaching style. He has a great preference for attacking Nelson, but the defensive requirements are also harsh, because there is a top center like Dayao, so He took out the iron-and-blood defense of the 1990s, emphasized physical confrontation, and placed great emphasis on positional competition. In particular, Nelson has been asking that in addition to the basket, Yao Yao will not move. The other four must have active rounds and assists to make up the position, so although the physical exertion is a bit large, any attack must be initiated from Black Mamba. For the Lakers, it is undoubte