the deep dive actually There is a bonus! KP’s penalty of 15 is completely lost under the flaps of the same-sex +20 charm and the spray +10 charm, not only without punishment but also has a 15 bonus. Really did not expect, originally Thought this spray Can be used to sneak into the camp of the deep-slugglers, I did not expect this kind of magical use. “Mr. Xing Xing, the US negotiators came, the other party hopes to have a conversation with you. Just as the flaps hesitated and asked if they would continue to take a shower, Dimy pushed the door open and sniffed the salty fish smell mixed with the smell of various shower gels, and then frowned. But forget it, this is the sacrifice made for the intelligence. Forbearance. “Responsible personnel? who is it? The flaps picked up a new set of clothes and put them on themselves. The old set of clothes had been burned. “I don’t know, it seems to be an army officer.” ” “what? Fourth class? The flaps slammed, how come the army officer? “Well? ? Fourth class? “Oh, nothing, just ridicule.” “The flaps quickly hit a haha ??and transferred the topic. He sorted out his clothes and said, “How come the army?” Didn’t you tell the United States that this time the sea is home? “Oh, I don’t know this, but the other side said that the Air Force and the Navy are already on the road. Between the seriousness of this incident, the six US aircraft carriers of the Pacific Fleet are on the road, but it will take some time.” ” Sure enough.. The background of this script is based on the original Cthulhu universe. In this universe, Americans who dealt with the town of Insmouth knew a lot about things, including the great existence that the other side believed in. But just because of the flaps, the Pacific Fleet was completely sent over.. I am afraid there are still some other purposes? Or did I accidentally make a big success decision? “This way.. OK. But it is estimated that New Zealand may not exist after this incident. I don’t know if you are ready.” Intentionally or unintentionally speaking the

. It’s not a small amount of money. It’s a good time to raise it. It’s not difficult to get it out. With the capital he currently has, it’s a good thing that these funds are being withdrawn. He can get the money at a lower price. It has little impact on the normal operation of the company. “I don’t know, if you want to know, I send someone to check it out?” Mr. McCord shook his head and told him. “…forget it, don’t prepare for insider trading, don’t know it all.” At this time, Wu Di of the hedge fund department came over. He knocked on the door and asked, “I have a former Colleagues would like to invite you to a charity party. By the way, I will talk to you about the Silicon Valley Internet company, whatsa listed, and there is news that facebook is also ready to go public. Citibank can definitely give you the lowest price, they promised me. “The latter part is more important. Those charity parties will only let me out of my pocket, and I have no sense of accomplishment. I will not attend. I will let the person come here to find me later.” Did not sweep the face of Mr. Wu Di, his former old club Citigroup, and Ye Dongqing relations are quite good. The money for building the Cobra Building was also loaned from the bank. There was no gift to his big customer during the holiday. What happened was a phone call, and the solution could definitely solve it. It can be said that Ye Dongqing is also a gold-plated signboard among Citibank’s major customers. He also issued a joint-customized credit card with Facebook, which has successfully sold more than three million copies. Cooperation is beneficial to everyone. The company is growing steadily, and the listing is also underway. Apple released itouch on January 1 this year, and will release the second generation model on January 1 next year. If it goes well, the ihone prototype may also be released. At the meeting, it is currently in the final sprint stage. At that time, it is a good news. With the announcement of earnings reports by companies such as Amazon and Netfl

w? You know what kind of power Skype is facing, right? No one in this line is willing to compete with the telecom giants. If they are annoyed, it is likely that our company will be blocked in the whole United States.” “This is impossible, users will kill them, fundamentally Inappropriate, Silicon Valley will also resist such practices.” “Are you sure? There will soon be a similar new company to replace us, occupying our market share, and then we can only be forced to go to the EU, or even South America. After all, you are not listed, isn’t it, looking at the business world? Several are our true allies.” Mr. McCord said the truth. If it was before, Ye Dongqing might say that he does not need to go public for a while, or there is a rising potential for crushing, etc. However, this time he did not say it, but instead asked: “Mr. McCord, let’s try to get skype listed. ?Facebook at least wait until the current Google valuation is higher, I will consider listing, but skype can advance the plan.” “…ok, I will help you find someone to ask, evaluate the general situation, but unfortunately Now that the skype scandal is riddled, investors may retreat because of jealousy. Why not consider Microsoft? They have already thrown out the olive branch last year, and now they are actively contacting several companies and getting financing from them, it is likely to let them Help when you are in trouble.” “Financing… Yes, I also think that the volatility after the listing may be very large. Such a company does not seem to be suitable for entering the stock exchange. It will inevitably cause more trouble. I have already expected it. As long as the telecom companies have not compromised to skype for a day and continue to have interest disputes, the contradictions will continue. This is already certain. . Ye Dongqing feels that it is mainly based on stability, and it is better to make a big fortune. After a few years of solidification, it will not be too late. Skype has already helped him earn a lot of money. The valuation is

ove a few chopsticks until Liu Yiyang’s eye-catching guinea duck with Zhuo Yuan’s favorite is placed in front of him, he is only interested in this. Duck meat is his favorite dish in the South Musk Restaurant, and it is also a small number of foods that can make him into the mouth. Liu Yuyang looked at the drama-like look of Zhuo Yuan’s happy chopsticks and clipped the duck meat entrance. It was obvious that the next time he saw his face changed, bitterly The face spit the meat back into the bowl. This duck meat is actually spicy? This is not the case he used to eat! Although he loves to drink alcohol, his diet is extremely light, and he can’t eat spicy food. Feng Yiming quickly handed him a glass of water, and some of the blame smashed Liu Yuyang. Liu Yuyang’s heart is a joy, oh! Someone is distressed. Fang Cai downstairs, but he clearly saw Feng Yiming looking at his master’s eyes, his head suddenly clear, and after the master came to the north, Feng Yiming had a series of actions that explained, the previous doubts and speculation did not Substantive evidence, but now he can be sure, this is not a sentiment or what? His seemingly fine but emotionally slow Master seems to have provoked a peach blossom debt six years ago. Zhuo Yuan policy gave Feng Yiming a grateful look. After taking a few drinks, he took a few mouthfuls of tea. In order to remove the hot feeling in his mouth, he opened his mouth slightly and held his hand with a fan. Feng Yiming was shocked and stared at his bright red and moist tongue… Then he was shocked by the hopes that emerged in his mind and immediately regained his sight. I did not find that the person next to me was suddenly sitting in a dangerous position and clenching her hands. Zhuo Yuan policy only looked at the disciples and said: “Smelly boy, you dare to yin me, even called the cook to add spicy.” Liu Yuyang smiled: Northerners are spicy I don’t know, since the southern restaurant has come to the north, of course, I have to enter the country. “Northern cooks are good at us

ompleted, the total investment may be as high as one billion US dollars. It will accommodate a total population of 30,000 to 40,000, and all schools from nursery to high school, including a UC affiliate hospital, commercial center, and super Markets, etc., the medical research institute under the name of the future charity is estimated to be nearby. The land price of Santa Clara is not high, and it can play an economic role in the local market. Almost half of it buys half of the land for a hundred years, and it can be cheap in the future. After one or two hundred years of extension, the cost is mainly spent on construction. There is no technology, so so many houses add up to the total cost of a Cobra Building. Counting the consumption of so many people, Ye Dongqing is likely to recover the cost in just a few years. The land has not yet been used up. Considering the number of employees in Silicon Valley, it is enough. In the future, if the scale of employees is further expanded, it is not too late to continue building new communities. For the high-tech talents in Silicon Valley, the two items of housing prices and children’s enrollment have always been a big consumer. Affected by the community news, it directly led to the number of employees leaving the company in the past year to a low level, doing more serious, more disciplined, and more cohesive than peer companies. Before, there were employees who envied the working atmosphere of Google. No one is envious now. It’s okay to be busy. For the office workers, the most important thing is the self-interest and income level. The internal management model of Google is relatively relaxed. what! A low-cost or free house means that they can struggle for three to eight years. In recent years, with the recovery of the entire Internet industry environment, the price of Silicon Valley has also risen and risen, and cheaper, but Is it convenient to live near the company? Saving one hour of traffic every day, indirectly means extending life. In short, this news has made the st

d. As the secretary-general of the municipal government, it is not necessary for him to personally do the minutes of the meeting of the mayor’s office. However, he knew that today’s meeting was of great importance and personally assumed the work. “I agree with Comrade Hua Rong’s opinion. Now it is somewhat out of date to adjust the division of labor. Besides, is the Nanjing Sailing Comrade’s adjustment of the division of labor to pass the gas with the municipal party committee?” Shang Longhua spoke, he was originally in charge of agriculture, rural areas, Poverty alleviation and other work, although there is not much oil and water, but the unit he is in charge of is absolutely I can’t figure out the water trick. Now, the Nanjing sauna has let him go to teach health and other work, but there is not much future, and there is no oil and water, and his heart is naturally unhappy. After Shang Longhua finished speaking, he bowed his circle in his notebook. The meeting room was quiet again. Although no one is talking anymore, obviously, everyone has guessed that the Nanjing sauna has undergone a division of labor adjustment in the municipal government. It should have been passed through with the city party secretary Hai Minghui. Since Shang Longhua dared to propose it, it should be somewhat grasped. Or, Shang Longhua must have looked for Hai Minghui. How does the Nanjing Sauna answer this question? However, the Nanjing sauna has not had time to answer someone to speak. “I have two sentences.” Gao Ping smiled and quickly glanced at the Nanjing sauna. “I think it is just a good time to adjust everyone’s division of labor. The provincial party secretary Wang came to Wuling several times. Every time it is a big thunder, this is But things that have never been done before.” “What does this mean? This shows that the situation in Wuling is already very bad. It is very serious. Now is the key moment for arranging a year of work. At this time, the division of labor is adjusted. For new jobs, Everyone can get to know, learn, and

geographical relations and climate are just general, not good military horses. If you have a map, you can see where the pastures that can breed good horses are, whether it is Hehuang or Daisy, Ang or Liaodong, and all of them are close to the nomads. Will fall in the hands of the nomads. The farming people are telling the truth. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there were good sheep and horses and the means and techniques for training horses, but in the Han Dynasty and even later. Unless it is possible to tame the Hu people as their own horses, they will not be able to raise good horses at all, and there is no good means to train the horses. The Spring and Autumn Warring States can raise good horses. That is because this period is the most rapid expansion of the Chinese nation. In the process of expansion, the initiative to integrate the aliens, and some good techniques of the aliens are also taken for themselves. Not to mention Qin, the Qin people took the initiative to merge with Di Di for hundreds of years. The Qin people were born for the Zhou royal family. How could they lack the way to raise horses and train horses? In terms of raising horses and dressing horses. Lu Zhe came to a good era. In this era, the Qin people occupied a large number of things suitable for raising horses. It was not the West of the Han Dynasty, but also the west of the vast plains of the Tianshan Mountains. In the Han Dynasty, the Xi’an wedding car was full of rivers and plains north of the Tianshan Mountains. During Qin Gang’s unification of the world, Zhao Guo and Yan Guo’s horses, which were destroyed in the six countries, were plundered by Qin. The world’s war horses were basically owned by Qin. In addition, Qin people in some areas have half-nomadic habits. Although there is no relatively certain data, the number of horses owned by Qin will never be less than 600,000. Many people may not know much about what a horse is, thinking that every horse can be a war horse. But the truth is not the same t

rty Committee Organization Department Baisha came to attend the meeting. Yao Yong announced the appointment of a new cadre at the meeting, from Wuling City. Gao Ping, deputy mayor in charge of public security work, is also the director of the public security department. Tian Zhengjun no longer serves as the municipal public security bureau chief. Later, Yao Yong delivered an important speech at the meeting. In his speech, he pointed out some problems existing in the Wuling Municipal Committee. In particular, the law and order issue is very prominent. The leaders of the provincial party committee attach great importance to this, considering the maintenance of the current unity and stability of Wuling City. In the situation, the provincial party committee decided to serve as the Wuling City Public Security Bureau by Gao Ping. The next step is naturally Gao Ping’s speech. The Nanjing sauna is also on the stage. He can see the disappointment of many cadres in the eyes of the audience. In the eyes of everyone, this is a typical thunder and rain. At the beginning, the director of the public security department personally led the team to kill Wuling to understand the situation. Everyone thought that this time Tian Zhengjun would be unlucky. He fell down to a seat at the deputy department level, and then the cadres at the level of the department had If you move up and move, those at the deputy level will have the opportunity to correct the department. In this way, who is not waiting to see a big show in Wuling officialdom, waiting to see Tian Zhengjun’s good play, seeing him as a tall building, seeing his banquet guests, waiting to see him collapse. However, the next script was not played like this. I didn’t expect this time to be a small thunder and a little rain! The meeting was over. It was still early. Yao Yong and others naturally could not stay in the accommodation. Yao Yong and his entourage were sent away. The Nanjing sauna returned to the office and saw Tian Hong standing in the door. Some time ago, because a d

en’s building blocks game, and is having fun. The three little guys pointed out that he built the building blocks, and the mobile phone screamed at the moment. “Old white, long time no see, how are you doing in Linzhou?” When the phone is connected, the Nanjing sauna goes to the bedroom. “It’s not like that. I’m sighing.” White Fang sighed. “Yes, I heard that a murder case there is very big. Is there any shady thing?” “Don’t say it is disappointing.” It’s a matter of time, you’re back to the white sand, look for a chance to get together in these two days, or else After a few months, I was gone. The Nanjing sauna sighed. “I just returned home to have dinner. However, this time I am afraid that there are not many people. Chen Hao stayed in Yiyang. It seems that he rarely went home this past few months. So, Let’s have a drink together for two people tomorrow. I haven’t talked for a long time. The white side of the microphone is a bit strange. “At this time, let you go to the Central Party School to learn. What do the provincial party leaders think? Li Haifeng, who likes to make small moves, is so sure that he is right. He is sure.” In the back of the small movements, I am afraid that you will spend a lot of money in Wuling. “Then I have no choice but to do my best.” The Nanjing sauna sighed. “Okay, go to the Furong Restaurant for drinking at noon tomorrow. I haven’t tasted the fish heads there for a long time.” Hang up the phone, Nanjing sauna turned to Chen Hao’s mobile phone is ready to call the past, think about it and give up again, this time call Chen Hao some inappropriate, it seems that he is now the mayor of Yiyang City At noon the next day, when the Nanjing sauna drove to the Furong Restaurant, Bai Fangcheng had already waited in the lobby. After the two had a chill, they entered the common room. “A Fei, are you offending Wang Shuji?” Yes, I asked about it last night and said that Secretary Wang has designated you to go to the Central Party School to learn something. White Fangcheng picked up the teapo

ss around. I will wait until the Nanjing sauna to come in. Oh, you think I don’t know Nanjing. Is the YU of the sauna a changeable TAI? Giggle… “You are a madman!” “Thank you, this is the gene of our Hearst family, the nouveau princess!” “Ah-” “Good ball!” The two celebrities who spoke in words were pulled back to the scene by the almost bursting cheers and applause, and the back of the Nanjing sauna, which stood up and cheered up, and looked up to the big screen. Chauncey Billups has a high-altitude pass in the march. The high-altitude players in the basket are like giants. Da Yao jumped up and grabbed the ball with one hand. An aerial relay broke the ball into the basket. . . ———— The eighth hundred and sixty-two chapters are a tragic word! “Yao–” “Yao–” cheers of the whole game, the atmosphere of the whole game was completely raised, the anger of Dayao, and the high-fiving of Changlu, while waving to the field, waving The arm, this feeling is what he has been waiting for for a long time. Changlu’s passing is just like God’s help to him, it’s too comfortable. Listening to the shouts of the fans, he swept away the resentment of the losing streak in the away game. Several front-ranking Chinese faces, cheering him aloud. He knows that there are many Chinese coming tonight, and the Chinese in front of the TV. More. Da Yao stood in the basket, opened his arm and began to defend. He is already familiar with the Nelson’s coaching style. He has a great preference for attacking Nelson, but the defensive requirements are also harsh, because there is a top center like Dayao, so He took out the iron-and-blood defense of the 1990s, emphasized physical confrontation, and placed great emphasis on positional competition. In particular, Nelson has been asking that in addition to the basket, Yao Yao will not move. The other four must have active rounds and assists to make up the position, so although the physical exertion is a bit large, any attack must be initiated from Black Mamba. For the Lakers, it is undoubte

problem in Lanshan County first. As long as he made a deal with the Nanjing sauna, the disaster would be invisible. “Xie Zong, what do you want to give me?” Nanjing sauna smiled and found a cigarette to ignite, slowly took a sip, “I will educate me from a young age, there is no free lunch in the world, I would like to thank you for this credit.” “It’s not easy to take it.” “It’s very simple. Our Dahua company has withdrawn from Lanshan County and returned the mining rights of rare earth mines to your Lanshan County government. Moreover, the text will not be accepted.” Xie Shenghua suppressed his unhappiness, no The way, people have to bow their heads under the eaves. If you don’t look for Qian Wenbo, if you look for someone to come out, the price will be even greater! Moreover, it will be hard to say whether someone will help this. After all, who sees the Dahua Group after such a large piece of fat, but whoever has the power to do it, who will not be tempted? Who can go to the high position in the Jiangnan officialdom, who can have no power? Qian Wenbo came from airborne. He was not deep in Jiangnan. However, he was also the son-in-law of Lejia. The Jiangnan officialdom did not dare to swear at him. What is more important is that Qian Wenbo is the provincial supervisor and deputy secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. As soon as he shot, he could shock those who looked at the Dahua Group. “Oh, Xie always wants to withdraw from Lanshan County?” The Nanjing sauna smiled lightly. “This is a good thing. I believe that the Lanzhou County Committee and the county government will be very happy to talk to Xie. The secretary of Yang will definitely have been waiting for it.” “Yangyang, what is he?” Xie Shenghua snorted, “a dog, how can I talk to me?” Chapter 547 The fifth talk of the night “Xie Zong, this is not appropriate.” Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head, “Yang Shuji is the head of our county party committee, one sentence can determine the strategic development direction of our Lansh

ies. The slightly awkward Nanjing sauna leaned back in the back seat of the car and thought about all the things that he could think of about football. Before drinking and dancing in the nightclub, he was so confused. Although there is no shortage of girls who dance with him, the small Nanjing sauna is also used in the dance floor by various large, flat, round, and squatting MOs, but he really would not choose these night girls, of course, people look at him. No interest, and naturally will not be entangled. No one cares about these, the night life of being happy, the beautiful and colorful, the coming disappears quickly. “Boss, there is a tail behind, I can’t keep it…” Kenny, who was driving the car, pressed the headset on his ear, his brow wrinkled, and pressed a speaker button on the lower steering wheel to report it. On the rear seat where the baffle was raised, the Nanjing sauna brow was lightly wrinkled, and snorted, taking out the mobile phone from the side and watching the time. It was already midnight at 12 o’clock, and could not help but breathe out a sigh. Looking down at the one-of-a-kind bathing for 28, let him ease the relaxed assistant, the streetlights flying through the car make the car light and dark alternately, only the hair tied into the ponytail swings irregularly in the air. After thinking about it, he reluctantly picked up the phone and dialed it out. The phone rang for a while before it was connected, and Lima was hoarse and confused. “Sorry, dear, I can’t go tonight, I’m stuck with the paparazzi…” “Oh, then you sleep, call you tomorrow, good night.” Hang up the phone, look at the Nanjing sauna Since the phone was connected, I stopped to look up and looked at my little assistant with a pair of Shijiajiao MEI eyes. I reached out and pressed the button next to the seat. “Kenny, go back to the Four Seasons Hotel.” Then leaned back on the back of the chair and raised his eyes. He reached out and took the head of the little assistant. “Continue.” Tori Blake’s ruddy face reveals a smile of

er 1516 After returning to Beijing for lunch, the three little guys were also sleepy. They usually have the habit of taking a nap. They played a whole morning this morning. When they go to nap, they will naturally fall asleep. The Nanjing sauna sent Qin Xiaoyong to send the children home, accompanied Wang Maoliang back to the room to drink tea, Wang Maoliang also had the habit of lunch break, ready to take a rest at the municipal party committee. “Nanjing Sauna, these three children in your family are very well educated.” Wang Maoliang took a sip from the teacup and glanced at the Nanjing sauna. He laughed. “You and Chen Hao are classmates of the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee. He Going to Yiyang City this time, you didn’t give him a trick?” “Secretary Wang, although Chen Hao’s ability is very strong, but after all, there is no grassroots work experience, especially to deal with such big things.” Nanjing Sauna shakes his head “At this time, the Yiyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government need to twist into a rope. There is only one voice. If you lick a hammer, I will knock on a hammer and it will only make things more complicated.” “The difference between grassroots work and agency work is very Large, the main work of the agency is to upload and release, and the grassroots face more to deal with all kinds of trivial work, to deal with various emergencies, Chen Yu wants to do results at the grassroots level, he has to learn more. “Oh, I didn’t see that your kid is very unique in terms of employing people.” Wang Maoliang smiled and rubbed his finger at the teacup. “This time, your city council submitted the candidate for the deputy mayor.” Xiang Yun, this should not be the person you want to recommend?” “Secretary Wang, this is the meaning of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Deng. In fact, Yu Ming also proposed a candidate, is the county party secretary of Sanli County, Lan Zhiyuan, however, This blue-yuan ability is not good. It is better to find Tang Gaoyun in the

ly the next morning, the Nanjing sauna got up early, and did not take Yang Qianyu to do the morning flight. The two had breakfast early, and then went to the three photovoltaic companies to inspect it again. The situation of the company is really better than House. The company is much better. However, the Nanjing sauna can feel that the bosses of these three companies do not have much sincerity in cooperation. The reason why they warmly invite the Nanjing sauna to visit is to give Battis a face. Of course, they also hope to try from the Nanjing sauna. Selling products to the Asian side. In fact, the scale of the photovoltaic industry in France is not very large, so as long as the business is very promising, and the house of House The past performance of the company is also very good. The reason why it has fallen to this point is definitely related to the internal contradictions of the company. The flight ticket was on Friday afternoon. The Nanjing sauna accompanied Yang Qiang to Bordeaux to see the three manors. However, Yang Qianxi was not satisfied. Due to the time, the Nanjing sauna could not accompany her again, and hurriedly hit. A car rushed to the airport. “Qian Wei, I am sorry, I have not been able to accompany you for a few days. Don’t worry about buying a manor. If you look slowly, you must buy what you like.” Nanjing sauna tightly squats Yang Yangqi, “The house is going to I lived for a long time.” “Well, I know, you should go to the security check, don’t be late.” Yang Qian said softly, “I will definitely buy the manor. If I am free, I will bring the children to live for a while.” Time, I will drink my own wine in the future.” “Yes, will you come over and live?” “Yes, definitely.” The Nanjing sauna slammed the waist of Yang Qianqian, gently on her lips. A kiss, turned and took a handbag and strode into the hall. His heart was very clear. It is still easy to come. After a few years of high office, it is inconvenient to go abroad. “Well, you go back to the hotel, let Xiao Qian accompany you in the

snowing now, and it is normal for the number of tourists to drop sharply.” The Nanjing sauna simply reported the situation. “You are really a lucky star.” Tian Ming sighed with a sigh. “Since you came to Wuling, not only did tourism work a big step, but other jobs in the city are also high in sesame blossoms.” “Yes, last year’s The economic data is out, do you know?” “I only saw the data of the tourism industry last year, and the summary report of investment promotion. Although the growth is quite a lot, the economic data in the city should not be optimistic. I inquired. In other cities, Wuling is much better.” Nanjing sauna shakes, the growth of tourism data in Wuling last year is very pleasant, but compared to the entire Wuling In terms of economic construction, this data of growth is not enough to make the situation of Wuling change too much. “Yes, Wuling’s development is a long way to go.” Tian Ming nodded and sighed. “This work can only rely on you. After so many years of leadership, there have been too many cadres who have seen it.” However, if you are serious and responsible in your work, you are also a very leading cadre. You are the best one. Let’s do it well. Wuling will rely on you later.” “Thank you, Mayor, I will continue to work hard.” Nanjing Sauna Hehe smiled, took a cup and took a sip, and my heart moved. Didn’t Tian Ming know where he was going, “I have achieved such a result because of the support of the mayor, and the Wuling people still need you to lead. Everyone is getting rid of poverty and getting rich.” “No chance.” Tian Ming sighed. “I heard that the provincial party committee is already considering the mayor of Wuling. I just received a call from the organization department of the provincial party committee, let me next Monday. Go to the organization department of the provincial party committee.” “Mayor, congratulations, congratulations, are you going to promote this?” Nanjing sauna is somewhat unreasonable. “Improved and promoted.” Tian Ming shook his head and smiled a little. “W