htly on the horse neck, expecting to lower the body. I avoided the arrow that was shot. Seen from the periphery, the two cavalry teams, one after the other, chasing the blacks of the Han army cavalry in the back, they rushed to the front of the Huren cavalry at a very rapid speed. The shooting posture is continuous with the Han army cavalry in the smashing of the arrow, and the Huren cavalry in front is the small black point of the tail that is constantly being shot. “Chinese people or horses, the shorter they are “cut” in the tail part of the gallop. The companions in the back continued to make screams, stimulating all the Hu people to subconsciously promote the speed of the horses under their seat. Those who are either because of the arrows in the arrows or the arrows in the horses only fell to the ground, even if it was a moment. If you don’t die, you will be trampled by the Han army cavalry that came from behind and become part of the earth. One side in the panic control the war horses do not want to accelerate the escape. The other side is the pursuit of the highest speed critical point, and the distance between the two sides gradually begins to lengthen. The stamina of the West Malaysian horse cannot be said to be very poor. The advantage of the Hetao horse species is not the high speed galloping, but the first acceleration of the party must have suffered a physical loss, and the chasing of the Han army cavalry after running for more than two miles has obviously dropped. The horse’s mouth under the Han army cavalry also had a white spit. If it continued to drive the overdraft life for high-speed hoofing, the horse must be scrapped. The horn of “Xi’an Wedding Car Rental” was blown. Qin Jia was the first person to slow down. When he slowed down to a certain level, he screamed “Change the horse!” and took the spare horse with a reins. near. Then the very sturdy feet did not fall to the ground, and then the convenience of the stables and the Takahashi saddle was changed to the new and powerful back riding. The

Tian Ming took a cigarette and sipped a sip, and fell into meditation. At this time, the secretary opened the door to report, the Nanjing sauna came to the phone. “Hello, I am Tian Ming.” Tian Ming grabbed the phone. He knew that the Nanjing sauna should report to the Transportation Bureau and the Commerce Bureau to discuss the investment promotion plan. “Mayor, I am a Nanjing sauna. If there is time, will I report to you about the highway work? The sound of the Nanjing sauna was heard in the microphone. “Well, come over.” Tian Ming nodded, deducted the phone, took a cup and took a sip. This kid is interesting. He is doing things to the wind, and he can’t wait for the horse to see the results. But his words are always talking. The deputy cloud is light and the wisdom of the bead is in the grip. To be honest, Tian Ming does not like this performance of the Nanjing sauna. Of course, this kind of dislike that Tian Ming will not be easily expressed, will only hide it in his heart. After a while, the door knocked and the Nanjing sauna came in. “Hu Mayor is here, please sit down.” Tian Ming smiled and got up and walked over, greeted the secretary and poured tea into the Nanjing sauna. “Mayor, I went to the Transportation Bureau yesterday afternoon to find out about the establishment of the expressway.” The Nanjing sauna went to the sofa and sat down. “I also exchanged opinions with the leadership team of the Transportation Bureau. The harvest was great. At the same time, I found a problem. The comrades realized that the difficulties were inadequate. I always felt that as long as the construction was completed.” The province and the city will not watch the unfinished project of the expressway. “Yeah, these people, always take yourself too seriously.” Tian Ming snorted. “The project is unfinished. The chief person in charge of the province is me. They are reprimanded at most, or you are right. We still have to put all kinds of situations in advance in the city.” Predict, what do you think about attracting investment? “T

me time, Hu Hai’s teacher is Zhao Gao, and Lu Zhe is the son-in-law of Zhao Gao’s future. This is a relationship related to the future destiny of Lu Zhe. Zhao Gao hinted that Lu Zhe should understand the situation, and he must be happy with Hu Hai. Hu Hai is happy, so Lu Zhe’s actions in the South County are still turning. It is complicated to read! The original legion will not send troops until next fall, which is a very obvious signal. As for who sent troops to attack, there is still no fixed number. It is possible to seek rebellion against the east, or it may be that the south is swept away. Zhao Gao hinted more than once that if Lu Zhe had no rebellious heart, he should go to Xianyang as a courtier. But does Lu Zhe dare to go? Don’t dare! What is the only thing that makes Lu Zhe puzzled? It was Zhao Gaoming who knew that the attitude of the first emperor was still willing to marry his daughter, and it was this that made Lu Zhe undecided. To be honest, Lu Zhe always thought that the Qin State ship was sinking, and it was not so thought about the consequences when it started doing things. However, it has not been the case recently. The emperor refused to give up, no matter how arrogant the country’s nobles and traitors were, it was step by step to deploy a rebellion for the camp. This is far more than a few times more than a place to go to a rebellion. Nanjun is not so important compared to the original. Qin Guocai felt that Lu Zhe couldn’t be too high in Nanjun County. In fact, Lu Zhe did not know what to do, but he was doing what the Southern Army should do, and he continued to fight with Baiyue people. So some people want to say a few good words before they have a reason. The First Emperor was not an emperor who said what it was. He would not change his will to act because of the opinions of others. Perhaps, he has long thought about how South County should be disposed of, and inducing Zhao Gao to marry a woman is just a small means of the entire deployment? Lu Zhe, who was faintly surprised, also starte

’s pinch was formed on Xi’an wedding car rental. At that time, Lu Zhe could not attack it. Now, Lu Zhe led the headquarters to withdraw, and how Xiang Liang looked at Lu Zhe was not like deploying a pinch. So what exactly does Lu Zhe want to do? “The generals, the dragon and the general sent people to come to the obituary.” “Hey? Lu Zhe left the troops after the break, and they led the army to Danyang direction?” Lu Zhe’s move was in line with Xiang Liang’s prior speculation, Xiang Liang It is not too unexpected for Lu Zhe to do this. It is also the dilemma that Xiang Liang will do this. “That said, Xiang Zhu’s attack on Danyang was discovered.” Xiang Liang felt that Xiang Zhu was about to capture Danyang, otherwise Lu Zhe would not be so anxious. He thought: “According to the distance, Lu Zhe should be the blockage of those daggers?” Recently, some people have been spreading the evils of the Chu army in Qijiang County. Although Xiang Liang was in the army, he also heard about it. He arranged for the heroes, the clan to incite the dagger to go to contain the custody before actually spreading the speech, in order to make speech, but it seems that Lu Zhe grabbed a first mover? What kind of means does Lu Zhe use to deal with the first Liang of the county? It doesn’t really care. It is natural to delay the speed of Lu Zhe’s withdrawal. If you can’t do it, Xiang Liang can create all kinds of “story”. To stink the reputation of Lu Zhe, strengthen the chapters, Huiji, and so on. The same country is inspired by Qin Xiaogong from the Warring States Period. It is very capable of gathering people’s hearts and minds to fight for the same goal. Xiangshi understands the importance of speech, but lacks the opportunity to twist the hearts of Chu to a rope. It is an attempt to confuse the dagger with Lu Zhe. According to Xiang Liang’s judgment on Lu Zhe, Lu Zhe is definitely not a drag-and-drop character, so it is inevitable that the army will be able to rent a car to the Xi’an wedding. “How long can’t be dragged…” Xi

g County before Jinyang was lost. The second line of defense, Taiyuan County, was not lost as much as the defeat. Chen Yu took the second line of defense in Shangdang County. At this time, the Xuyan Corps of Sanchuan County attacked Zhao from the county. It became the situation of Wang Yan in the north and Xu Yan in the north. How can Zhao Guo not feel? The fear of the war, seeing Qi Yan promised the reinforcements of a soldier did not appear, Zhao Guo heard that Lu Zhe defeated 150,000 South Qin army, with the idea of ??trying to run and want to form an alliance with Lu Zhe. Tian Shu is Zhao Guozheng, and Li Muzhi’s Sun Li Zuo is a deputy. When Lu Zhe led the army back, Li Zuo car stood on the side of the road and saw the tail. To tell the truth, Lu Zhejun’s impression on him was not too fierce. However, the number of troops of Lu Zhejun made him feel strange and saw that he was similar to Zhao Guojin’s The shield long swordsman is even more shocking. It is necessary to know that Zhao Guoke used to be a powerful country during the Warring States period. In addition to a powerful cavalry regiment in northern Xinjiang, it is also a “national capital”. It is a branch that Zhao Guo relies heavily on. There are not many Zhao Guozhan who know how to train hard. The Li family is one of them, and the former warrior family has long since fallen. Li Zuoqi is very sure that Li’s family is not playing in Lu Zhe’s side. How does Lu Zhejun’s strength in this category of arms not to surprise Li Zuo’s car? that Bian Yanbi and the envoys talked here, here Lu Zhe early Xi’an wedding car rental to support Wu Hao. “Wu Junmo wants to think more, and it will be to return to Changsha in the next day.” Lu Zhe whispered comfortably. Wu Hao was shocked. Lu Zhe used the words “to come to Japan” and “recapture”, and it was also called “Wu Jun”. That is not a good phenomenon. Calling “Jun” to see what occasions and fame, Wu Hao self-confessed that he was once reading the entire Changsha County, but it is impossible to say that the re

this time finally got on the top, the dog’s good life, and the right person.” The Nanjing sauna heard a glimpse of his face, and his face showed a hint of dumbfounding expression. Then he remembered one thing. “Lao Guan, is this Fan Chengliang not the secretary of the provincial party committee secretary Eugene?” Li Guojun, the current minister of the municipal party committee, once gave a secretary to Eugene, but later went to the organization department of the provincial party committee. This Fan Chengliang was directly decentralized by the secretary of the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee to organize the minister of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee. Regardless of it, Fan Chengliang and Cao Yunfeng should have been in a pot of urine. “So, in the future, we have a lot of fun in the officialdom of Zhangzhou. Guan Mingsong sighed and patted the shoulders of the Nanjing sauna. “Brother, it’s a blessing to suffer. Maybe you can still be blessed in this disaster. Then, you have a political record in Lanshan County, and you have a reputation. Just got it. “咚,咚,咚” The door knocked and Xiaona pushed open the door, and a rich fleshy smell was drawn in with the wind. Chapter 579 Just in case this barbecue has been eaten until 11 o’clock in the evening, Nanjing sauna wine is full of food, only a little bit of wine to get off the car, Guan Mingsong looked at the Nanjing sauna, Cherokee smog out, brow Slightly wrinkled, he knew that the Nanjing sauna did not care about leaving Lanshan County on the surface, but the boy’s heart was not released. When I was just drinking and eating meat, the Nanjing sauna drink was almost used. The two men were only prepared to drink two bottles of Maotai. As a result, two bottles of Maotai were drunk. The authentic Moutai is not so good. Guan Mingsong sees the Nanjing sauna. It seems that there is no pause, so I quickly let Xiaona go to find a few bottles of good wine. It’s a blessing to say that it’s a loss. In fact, I’m afraid that his heart is bleeding. Otherwise

ering, his expression became colder. Continue to say: “The time is almost the same, I am also a little tired, I will go to rest first, what are we going to talk to tomorrow, or thank you for your reception.” Saying, Nanjing sauna glances at a glance To squat the man who asked for forgiveness, Chong Li first slightly bowed his head, and then with a few have not left, the president of the chaebol who only met tonight, said, first to walk out of the reception hall, scattered around the seven or eight The giant bear-like bodyguard trots like a wind and followed. The Nanjing sauna deliberately showed disappointing emotions and turned around and left, making the atmosphere of the whole reception party drop to freezing point. “Very good! The two of you are really good!” Li Zaixian’s face was almost blue, almost the words squeezed out of his teeth, revealing a murderous murderousness, so that Han Caiying, who was already bloodless and trembling, almost Such as falling into the ice cave, and the side of Cui Dongjun is cold and sweating, legs tremble, directly smashed, pale face, constantly saying sorry in the mouth. Well, the knees of the sticks have always been so soft. It’s not a big deal for the jaws. This is what they think is the most courtesy and the way to express their apologies. . . Li Zaixian didn’t look at Cui Dongjun’s husband and wife again, but walked straight through, began to finish the end of the cocktail party, and sent away some of the big ones who still had the scene, and those Korean stars were also serious and different in mind. On the verge of anger and anger, Li was in the air and left. Cui Dongjun at the reception party didn’t dare to get up, but his eyes had become extremely incompetent. He looked up at Han Caiying, who was already stupid. The fear and anger in his heart made his voice suppressed and became like a nightingale. Excuse me, “Why don’t you die! You are a vicious woman, this is to kill our Cui family!” Han Caiying, whose eyes were dull, trembled, and the pale face was slowly falling,

ing of the perfection of the philosophers of the philosophers. Everyone sitting in the chair here is afraid of having the full-fledged strength or cultivation. Wu Wuji’s intrusion into here is not equal to self-investment. Although these people have just been talking about papers on the paper, but Bai Ou can not see each of them, knowing that their true cultivation is terrible, it is not a wave of fame. Hearing people are Wu Wuji, many people Xi’an wedding car rental stood up from the chair. “It turns out that you are Wu Wuji, a little meaning, I heard that you have been cultivated by the Dark Council. Xi’an wedding car rental is the strongest person in the great realm. Isn’t it also?” The yin and yang of the Yinyang family had some yin and yang screaming. stand up. Although Wu Wuji is powerful, it seems Not seen by him. Wu Wuji looked at everyone in front of him, but he showed a faint smile. He suddenly looked at the white Europe in the corner. He said: “You have become stronger again. Interestingly, we are here to rent a car here in Xi’an.” When he got his words, he stumbled and stood up slowly. He feels that there is something wrong with Wu Wuji today, and it is full of quirks everywhere. “This guy” suddenly, Kong Fan’s look became solemn, staring at Wu Wuji, screaming: “Do you Xi’an wedding car rental?” He saw something that shocked him. Wu Wuji suddenly grinned and said: “Yes, I Xi’an wedding car rental half a foot out, only half a step is only the last half step.” He looked up, took a deep breath, slowly said: “This The last half step, today, Xi’an wedding car rental will rely on the strength of everyone to help me “” Xi’an wedding car rental” Kong Fan cold screams, his face gradually faded, but no longer speak. Others seem to understand the meaning of their words, and the look of Wu Wuji has become very weird. Bai Ou’s heart is shaking, what does Wu Wuji say about the Xi’an wedding car rental step? His Xi’an wedding car rental is a great perfection of the realm of repair, Xi’an wedding car rental step b

it is not possible to be implicated in the affairs of the husband. The education system is an independent system, which is related to the future of the country. The director of education, Zhang Liang, still had some fog in the clouds, but he heard the words of the husband, the heart. When the head suddenly felt a shock, I immediately understood that Wu Kai said that the teacher in the first district was Liang Xiaoyan. It is said that Liang Xiaoyan is qualified to be a first-class teacher. She is a high school language teacher every year. Moreover, her students’ language in each college entrance examination is very good, and she is quite famous in the education field. District Yizhong also reported her name every year. However, the Education Bureau did not dare to pass it. The reason is very simple. Shi Zhongming once personally looked for Zhang Liang and asked him to suppress Liang Xiaoyan’s title. Although Shi Zhongming is only the party secretary of Xiaxi Town, his cousin is the deputy secretary of the district committee. Zhang Liang naturally does not dare to confront the deputy secretary of the district committee. Who will lose the official hat for an irrelevant person? Now the deputy head of the education work is talking, Zhang Liang does not know what to do, I feel it is necessary to remind Wu Kai, of course, it must be carried out after the meeting. The meeting was over. Zhang Liang asked people to arrange a meal and invited Wu Kai into his office. “Wu County Magistrate, your guiding spirit, our party committee must be seriously implemented.” Zhang Liang handed a cigarette to Wu Kai, squinted and smiled. “However, the title evaluation is a matter of August and September. “Is it too early?” “Lao Zhang, you are dead brains.” Wu Kai smiled and took a cigarette and ignited the fire in Zhang Liang’s hand. “This morning the district governor talked to me, he I paid great attention to the work of education. When he was in Lanshan County, he was only a township head and he was able to pay the education funds i

attacked by the crowd.” To the traffic, the uncle, what is going on in the province, we have to repair the highway from Wuling to Deshan City, which seriously restricts the economic development of our Wuling.” Nanjing sauna sighed long Tones, “Although we said that Wuling is relatively small and the economy is not large, but after all, it is also a prefecture-level city under the rule of Jiangnan Province. The palms of the hands are all meat, and we must not watch the people of Wuling suffer from poverty. “The transportation network in the province has an overall plan.” Guan Pingzhi sighed. “And, in the past two years, the Provincial Communications Department has implemented the village-to-village project, and it is reasonable to say that “Still forget it.” Nanjing sauna shook his head. “You just said that this is not my job, and I put my hand on someone else’s plate. This is a big taboo in the officialdom.” “But I have already reminded me.” Zhao Huarong, the deputy mayor in charge of transportation in the city, said that the Municipal Transportation Bureau is preparing to re-report the report. “If this highway does not support a little, the ability of our Wuling municipal government will definitely not be repaired.” Even if it is not enough to finance the whole society.” “It is good to know in your own heart.” Guan Pingzhi nodded. “I know that you care about the construction and development of Wuling, and you want to do some practical things for the people of Wuling. As a leading cadre, you must also abide by the rules and not destroy the order.” “Now advocate the rule of law, I think this concept can also be applied to the government administration, it is called law administration, the Western society establishes the legal order, and it is the law. They have a basic principle that insisting that the procedural law is the prerequisite and fundamental of all legality!” “This point It is worth learning.” Guan Pingzhi said with a sigh. “If everyone does not follow the rules, see what happens, pat the head and dec

Look, it is found that four people are entangled by a vine like thing. These special vines, many of them are stabbed into flesh and blood.

“Are you the people in the north courtyard?” Ye Donglai had some impressions about these people, so he quickly cut off those weird vines. “Yes, ye Dong is Ye Donglai!” the four people endured pain and overjoyed. Ye Donglai, he’s not dead. He’s not dead. It’s great. “ The 164th Continue Reading

n 1982?” “Hu Mayor, you are really a maverick, the red wine with shark’s fin bird’s nest in 1982, your creativity is really unique.” Manager Tan Some laughed and shook, shook his head, turned and went out. “Why do I have any ideas, I will go to the city to go to the city’s soil buns.” Nanjing sauna haha ??smile, “Sophie, what do you look at me, hurry to order, now there are only two dishes, the two dishes I eat Yes, it is indeed delicious in the world, but it is definitely not enough. I don’t know how big your appetite is, but I can eat it myself.” Chapter 1600 1609 The young waitress of the younger brother took the menu out. The Nanjing sauna took a sip from the teacup and looked at Sophie. He smiled. “Sophie, sorry, I forgot to say more in detail when introducing myself.” “Well, what are you coming to, it will not be a Prince in the four cities.” Zhao rubbed his eyes and looked slightly excited. “My little teacher will not be a prince, this It’s so unexpected, God, I’m so excited, I will cover you with me in the future, then can I walk in the four cities in the future?” “Zhao Wei, what do you say, what is this? In the age, I still open my mouth to open my mouth. You should be shooting a scorpion play.” Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head. “My grown-up is indeed a leader, but that doesn’t matter to me. I am the city of Wuling City in Jiangnan Province. Long, the teacher said that the subject of our research to Jiangnan is covered with me.” “Ah, are you really the mayor?” Sophie opened her mouth in a big way, “the one that advertised in CCTV. Wuling?” “Wuling City, Jiangnan Province, the Wuling City that built an aerial glass bridge on the top of the mountain?” Zhao Wei screamed, “Hey, I really went to Wuling to play with Sophie when I went to Jiangnan to do research on the subject.” Once you play, you are the mayor of Wuling City!” “Great, it’s great.” “No problem, no problem at any time.” Nanjing sauna smiled, “I can personally give you a tour guide.” Of course, you can also bring your loved

d. As the secretary-general of the municipal government, it is not necessary for him to personally do the minutes of the meeting of the mayor’s office. However, he knew that today’s meeting was of great importance and personally assumed the work. “I agree with Comrade Hua Rong’s opinion. Now it is somewhat out of date to adjust the division of labor. Besides, is the Nanjing Sailing Comrade’s adjustment of the division of labor to pass the gas with the municipal party committee?” Shang Longhua spoke, he was originally in charge of agriculture, rural areas, Poverty alleviation and other work, although there is not much oil and water, but the unit he is in charge of is absolutely I can’t figure out the water trick. Now, the Nanjing sauna has let him go to teach health and other work, but there is not much future, and there is no oil and water, and his heart is naturally unhappy. After Shang Longhua finished speaking, he bowed his circle in his notebook. The meeting room was quiet again. Although no one is talking anymore, obviously, everyone has guessed that the Nanjing sauna has undergone a division of labor adjustment in the municipal government. It should have been passed through with the city party secretary Hai Minghui. Since Shang Longhua dared to propose it, it should be somewhat grasped. Or, Shang Longhua must have looked for Hai Minghui. How does the Nanjing Sauna answer this question? However, the Nanjing sauna has not had time to answer someone to speak. “I have two sentences.” Gao Ping smiled and quickly glanced at the Nanjing sauna. “I think it is just a good time to adjust everyone’s division of labor. The provincial party secretary Wang came to Wuling several times. Every time it is a big thunder, this is But things that have never been done before.” “What does this mean? This shows that the situation in Wuling is already very bad. It is very serious. Now is the key moment for arranging a year of work. At this time, the division of labor is adjusted. For new jobs, Everyone can get to know, learn, and

geographical relations and climate are just general, not good military horses. If you have a map, you can see where the pastures that can breed good horses are, whether it is Hehuang or Daisy, Ang or Liaodong, and all of them are close to the nomads. Will fall in the hands of the nomads. The farming people are telling the truth. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there were good sheep and horses and the means and techniques for training horses, but in the Han Dynasty and even later. Unless it is possible to tame the Hu people as their own horses, they will not be able to raise good horses at all, and there is no good means to train the horses. The Spring and Autumn Warring States can raise good horses. That is because this period is the most rapid expansion of the Chinese nation. In the process of expansion, the initiative to integrate the aliens, and some good techniques of the aliens are also taken for themselves. Not to mention Qin, the Qin people took the initiative to merge with Di Di for hundreds of years. The Qin people were born for the Zhou royal family. How could they lack the way to raise horses and train horses? In terms of raising horses and dressing horses. Lu Zhe came to a good era. In this era, the Qin people occupied a large number of things suitable for raising horses. It was not the West of the Han Dynasty, but also the west of the vast plains of the Tianshan Mountains. In the Han Dynasty, the Xi’an wedding car was full of rivers and plains north of the Tianshan Mountains. During Qin Gang’s unification of the world, Zhao Guo and Yan Guo’s horses, which were destroyed in the six countries, were plundered by Qin. The world’s war horses were basically owned by Qin. In addition, Qin people in some areas have half-nomadic habits. Although there is no relatively certain data, the number of horses owned by Qin will never be less than 600,000. Many people may not know much about what a horse is, thinking that every horse can be a war horse. But the truth is not the same t

rty Committee Organization Department Baisha came to attend the meeting. Yao Yong announced the appointment of a new cadre at the meeting, from Wuling City. Gao Ping, deputy mayor in charge of public security work, is also the director of the public security department. Tian Zhengjun no longer serves as the municipal public security bureau chief. Later, Yao Yong delivered an important speech at the meeting. In his speech, he pointed out some problems existing in the Wuling Municipal Committee. In particular, the law and order issue is very prominent. The leaders of the provincial party committee attach great importance to this, considering the maintenance of the current unity and stability of Wuling City. In the situation, the provincial party committee decided to serve as the Wuling City Public Security Bureau by Gao Ping. The next step is naturally Gao Ping’s speech. The Nanjing sauna is also on the stage. He can see the disappointment of many cadres in the eyes of the audience. In the eyes of everyone, this is a typical thunder and rain. At the beginning, the director of the public security department personally led the team to kill Wuling to understand the situation. Everyone thought that this time Tian Zhengjun would be unlucky. He fell down to a seat at the deputy department level, and then the cadres at the level of the department had If you move up and move, those at the deputy level will have the opportunity to correct the department. In this way, who is not waiting to see a big show in Wuling officialdom, waiting to see Tian Zhengjun’s good play, seeing him as a tall building, seeing his banquet guests, waiting to see him collapse. However, the next script was not played like this. I didn’t expect this time to be a small thunder and a little rain! The meeting was over. It was still early. Yao Yong and others naturally could not stay in the accommodation. Yao Yong and his entourage were sent away. The Nanjing sauna returned to the office and saw Tian Hong standing in the door. Some time ago, because a d