nd Shao students? Yu Yu looked at the direction in the direction she pointed. The conversation followed behind a group of people. Someone seemed to be shouting at him. He looked up and looked down at the phone. Those girls seem to be foreign language colleges. Qin Jiujiu said that it may be a dormitory association. Mu warm: Do we want to say hello? Yu Yu regained his gaze, whispered: no. She clipped the meat and sent it to her mouth without any trouble. After a while, she couldn’t hold back and looked at it. The distance from the distance is not very real, just that he seems to smile. Yu Yu completely lost his appetite and put the chopsticks to say that he was full. Scorpio embers. Warm and shocked: No wonder you are so thin. Qin Jiuji suddenly smiled and shifted the topic: Is it shopping or singing in the afternoon? Mu warm sings, Yu Yu has no opinion, squatting on the chair and sliding the phone. KTV was on the opposite side, and the three of them had bought a cone to go across from each other. A hot wave from the mall came, and the embers followed slowly. Yu Xuemei, so clever. This sound is Shao Yan, Yu Yu bite the ice cream, half of the eyes have not fallen on the interview, not salty and not rude: Qiao, senior. Where are you going? Shao Yan asked again. In front of the Qin Jiujiu and Mu warm also stopped, Mu warmly smiled and said hello, let’s go and sing. That’s just fine. Shao Yan clap, let’s go, how busy people are. KTV Yu Yi has always been a dislike, sometimes it will be pulled by Xie Tunan, usually boring in the corner to get a drink. Yu Yi. Mu warm play tired and leaned over, why don’t you sing? I left the phone and said: I can’t sing. Playing games over there. Warm and ask again, do you want to be together? Yu Yu looked at the same sitting in the corner and sipping a drink, shaking his head, you play, don’t worry about me. After a while, there were boys running over, Yu Xuemei, help me. Look at the voices of the group of people over there and know how it happened. She has not seen Xie Tunan, but the

k the bucket and stuffed the rag to her. “You help them to help the chair table and so on, be careful.” I am carrying it with you. Yue Yu continued to follow the aisle. Just a bucket of water, I still need you to lift? After Xu Wei finished, Pan Gangyi, who was behind Yu Yue, called out: “Small jailbreak came over and pushed a table together first. Oh! Ok. The more sturdy, the U-turn turned back to help. Xu Zhiqing smiled and said: “You don’t do this. Can you call someone else? We give her a small name, how is it getting better? kind! Pan Gangyi: “Don’t tell you, I feel like I’m calling Yue Yunpeng. More Yu: “? Xu Zhiqing: “There is no depression, can you be depressed? Yue Yue looked at him and said, “Yes, my friends call me depressed. After she pushed Pan Gangyi to a table, she was asked to sit in a chair and rest. Yu Yu rarely cooperates with the team. The previous value was not that she forgot her classmates and forgot her, but she dropped her and then took charge of the garbage. At the beginning, she was alone. Sometimes her sister would come to help. More is Jane Jane helping her. She felt that it was more time to clean up the garbage than to clean up the time. Instead of chatting with classmates, I could complete the task after a few trips. She was very obedient and sat in the chair for two minutes. She saw the other students who were picking up the water and scratching their heads. They stood up and went to find a broom to sweep back the corridor. Dragging the floor to the end, so Li Zhiqiang returned to the water, and sat on the table leisurely watching the other brothers wipe the window, and soon he took out his mobile phone and watched the video. Bloody game BGM One When it sounded, Pan Gangyi turned back. “The Hadron, you don’t want to watch it, you can’t learn it. You’re a chicken. The first poison circle is not going to pass. It’s really shameful!” “Yes, I knew that I didn’t need to register my real name. I thought I could be Guangzong Yaozu. As a result, my mother was not recognized by the hammer. Y

the hoarse voice sounded: she liked it or I didn’t want to know, I just wanted to know – some people still like me. Rong Huan feels that the ear is going to explode. The elevator door opened, and she was too nervous to respond. He took her wrist and took her out, how stupid. Hey… He asked her what she wanted to eat, and she said that she would go shopping first. The two walked together, the super high value attracted the attention of the passing pedestrians, her hand was still held by him, she was ashamed to want to pull her hand back. He turned to look at her, and of course, I am afraid that you are lost, and now there are more people. Rong Huan: … The last two people found a Korean barbecue. After the meal, it was almost nine o’clock. Rong Huan said that he wanted to go back earlier. He said that she would send her back. Back to Juhaiguan, after the car stopped, she turned to say to him: I went back. OK, good night. good night. She got off the bus and didn’t take a few steps, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned her head and saw Fu Siyan coming over. She looked at him in confusion, he took her shoulder and asked softly: Will you bring breakfast to breakfast tomorrow morning? ……Ok. Then I will take you for breakfast. Do you have any reward for me? ? Kiss it. He pointed to his face. She glanced at him and I left! She turned and fled, Fu Siyan was in the same place, reminiscing about the way she had just fried her hair, squatting and laughing. Back in the car, Ji Yan also recovered the eyes of gossip, in the rearview mirror he looked at the boss like a spring breeze, can not help but feel. Sure enough, the moisture of love can change a person. I think of the sound in the back seat of the car. I have such a good look? He was busy sitting up straight and listening to the voice of the boss. He couldn’t help but say a few words: No, it’s been a long time since I saw that Mr. is so happy. Since the departure of Rong Huan, Ji Wei basically did not see his smile from the bottom of his heart. Fu Siyan’s lips

not like shopping malls, and the clothes are all hanging on an open shelf. To choose, you have to take it out one by one. When Mu Hao took a few pieces, he quickly put it back. Before the deposit, I have never been here. He chose this island and it was completely introduced by others. He didn’t think about it, the swimsuits sold on the island would be like this… save the fabric. Two people stand in front of the swimwear stand for a long time, although they can wear T-shirts, but if they go to the sea, come back, the T-shirt will dry slowly. The clerk on the side was very knowledgeable. I watched the two people here for a long time and finally came over. The clerk picked up the long sunscreen on a hanger next to him and introduced it to two people. If this sunscreen suit is worn, it will almost cover the knee. Mu Wei saw the sun protection suit, just like seeing the baby! Because of the sun protection clothing, Mu Yan chose two sets of swimsuits with a little more cloth in the store… Say more, in fact, it is the position of the heart that covers a little more. Bo Cun also selected men’s beach pants and loose T-shirts that are specially equipped on the island. After the account was settled, the two took things and started to go to the room. The island is not big. Apart from them, many pedestrians come and go barefoot and walk directly on the beach. Muxi looks at the past and can’t help but admire. There are not many rooms on the island. I found the number according to the number and found it very quickly. Mu Yu entered the room, just like Liu Yujin’s Grand View Garden. The house has two very large yards. There is a swimming pool in the backyard, and the yard is connected to the sea. There is an open-air bath in the front yard. When they arrived at the room, it was just the evening, and the warm sunset glowed a golden wave of light on the sea. The days here are high and the entire room is enveloped in warm tones. it is good! ! nice! ! what! ! Mu Yan stood in the backyard of the room and looked at the endless se

he mirror to take photos. After watching it for a long time, I didn’t see anything on my face. Looking down at my clothes, it was a very common style, and it was not outrageous… Although she had a relationship with Zhou Xiaomo, she still had to go the next day. When packing up, Ms. Zhou sat down and asked: “Yangyang, can’t you live for two more days?” “Auntie, I really want to live for two more days, but my mom let me go when I came. Going back, I didn’t think much, I promised. Waiting for the next time! Next time I will live until you dislike me and go!” Ye Yangyang brought a lot of things, and stayed for one night, and the things that were taken out from it were also Not much, but after ten minutes, I packed it up. Taking advantage of things to take out, Zhou Ai Mo also carried a bag in his hand, do not know what it is. “Packed up?” “Yeah.” “Let’s go!” Ye Yangyang looked up at him sharply. It’s just that the relationship has just been confirmed. If she wants to leave, can she not retain her symbolically? ! The result is also said… let’s go? What is this operation? My heart was too tangled, I didn’t want to talk to him, I didn’t look at Zhou Xiaomo all the way. When I bought the ticket, I heard him say, “Two tickets to the sea market.” “How are the two?” Ye Yangyang’s eyes are full of light, but he still asks this idiot. “Buy one for your box.” Zhou Xiaomo answered very calmly and smiled. “Do you believe it?” Ye Yangyang blushes: “Don’t make trouble with you, have you bought one for you? You have to Let me go back together?” She wants to know if her guess is correct. It’s like opening a bag of Zhou Xiaomo’s hand. Zhou Ai Mo knows that she wants to open her luggage. After people take it, she understands her intentions and quickly presses Ye Yang’s hand: “It’s my clothes, you have to be in so many people. Open it?” “Amount…” Ye Yangyang quickly asked, “Then you said, are you going to go to the sea with me?” “Yes!” Zhou Mou said, “I am satisfied now? Hurry and give me something. Otherwise, even if I bo

agon girl’s tongue. It’s a matter of the back, it’s a face-to-face look… The dragon girl is instinctively annoyed. Annoyed, her heart jumped up in disappointment. If… Li Yu really asked her, what should I do? Not! This girl is Miss Long Jia, you said it is necessary, when I am someone? There are no three media and six certificates, and the court is emperor, three please five, and all the parties say that the girl does not order this head. Correct! I have to hold it! The daughter does not swear, how do men know how to cherish. The dragon made a toast to drink wine, and raised chopsticks and meat. If there was no one, it seemed that he didn’t care what Li Yu was going to say, but the roots of the ears were all erected. Anything from the right side, she wanted to miss it, but the ear could I can hear it clearly. When Li Yu listened to the heroic words of Longda, he bowed slightly and even smiled: “The big master said, but what if it is true?” Long Aotian said: “When so many people, Long said, Can you still sit back and not? Say, what do you want?” The guests are also interested in the fun, watching Li fish with a smile, Shanxi is often still slightly sideways, squinting at the corner of his eyes, smiling at him. Li Yu smiled and handed the ball: “That, under the daring, please reward me with sixty hangs, I will buy the iron without a ring!” Long Aotian, a full guest, is also a glimpse, even the face Hey, his regular book Xin, turned back to look at him. The iron-free ring standing on the inside of the door without squinting naturally heard this sentence. He turned his head to the eyes of Li Yu. The eyes were suddenly bright and sharp, and the sharpness was like a knife. Long Ao Tian stunned and just wanted to nod and promised. Chang Shuxin had already laughed awkwardly. He took an orchid and pointed to Li Yu: “This young man, I appreciate you.” Chang Shuxin smiled Look at Long Aotian: “You only have three or fifty hanging things, you have opened your mouth, I can’t afford to lose that person, don’t mention th

said softly, don’t be afraid. You have done a good job. Tong Jingshen said. Tong Tong nodded, grabbed his father’s hand, put it on his head, and smashed himself. He really can’t calmly face his father’s worse and worse body. But, as his father said, don’t be afraid. His mother has never mentioned one thing, and he has been pondering for a long time. I also checked a lot of information myself. The success rate of kidney replacement between the immediate family members is the highest. He has two kidneys, one for his dad, and one for him. Can change back to his father’s life, it is earned. Make a big profit. Tong Tong thought so, looking at Tong Jingshen, did not hold back and smiled. I don’t have any dimples with your mother. I don’t know who you are from, but only one. Tong Jingshen smiled and poked his cheek on his right with his fingertips, so cute. Tong Tong smiled embarrassedly, and reached out and touched his cheek and smiled out of a small nest. After a while, he whispered: I am not afraid. Good boy. Tong Jingshen touched his head tiredly, then sighed, and Dad slept. Tong Jingshen closed his eyes and frowned, his expression looked a little uncomfortable. But I fell asleep quickly, and the slow breathing was barely audible. Tong Tong carefully pulled up the quilt and stared at his dad for a while before standing up and quit the bedroom lightly. he still It is impossible to accept his father’s condition and it is difficult to face the sadness of the entire family. But he will not evade again, he will not hide again, he is not afraid. After coming out of his dad, Tong Tong went to the office of Director Zhang, who had been responsible for his father’s illness. The office door was hidden, he knocked on the door and probed in. Director Zhang is staring at the information on the computer: Come in. Director Zhang. Tong Tong carefully re-opened the door again. Tong Tong? Director Zhang saw that he smiled and came to see Dad? Well, my dad is not bad today. Tong Tong sat in the chair in front of the desk. Do you have

n are pleasing to others, at least you can prove that you didn’t look at me. Don’t worry about being glued by you!” “Oh, Xiao Langjun, you want more! What women are pleasing to others, that is what you guys think is. In fact, the more we women, the more we pay attention to ourselves in front of other women. The instrument, do not want to make people compare it.” Deep girl said that while flying, it did not affect her speed of eating. Li Yu licked the oily duck egg yolk and said: “Is it? Because there is no woman next to it, so you don’t care about dressing up?” Deeply: “Not at all! I am used to it.” Then I went out with a crappy. Lee fish faces the courtyard and sits on the knees. There are stones, water, flowers and trees outside the door. Look into the eyes and you can accompany the meal. Li Yu’s appetite is wide open, and the lid of a dish is opened. It is good. The small dish is well-coloured. Although it is breakfast, it is mainly light, but it is also fragrant and irritating. “Calling”, the quilt opened. Deeply, the girl’s eyes have not been opened yet. The heads are scattered, her eyes are closed, and the nose sniffs and sniffs and turns around. I scrape together before the dish, and suddenly opened my eyes: “Wow! Good fragrance!” Deeply slammed the quilt, hands on the ground, crossed the legs, buttocks moved to the table, grabbed a pair of chopsticks, and could not wait to open the lid of a dish, Li fish sitting on the top of the dish, very Clearly, she whispered her mouth and licked her throat. “Glutinous and sleepy, not a job, or a foodie… What am I going to do?” Li Yu helped the amount, and could not bear to die. Deeply and enthusiastically greeted: “Small Langjun, eat!” Li Yu listened to the heart and slightly comforted: “Fortunately, at least still know the number of gifts.” But listened deeply and added: “You don’t move Chopsticks, how do people really start to move.” Li Yu just picked up the chopsticks, smashed the mouth and vinegar into the mouth, as soon as the switch was turned on, holdin

ll hunt in Wu. “The three crosses, meaning four layers: I have recently followed the fair opinion, crusade against the court sinners – first of all, you will be a court sinner, and the troops will be upright; the flag will point to the south, LiuAt that time, the political center of Sun Quan was hunting here. The prey was certainly not a pheasant hare, but your grandchildren! What is this invitation? It is clearly the last night, and it is a battle book for challenges. After a while, the qualification is the oldest. Zhang Zhao, the oldest and highest-ranking person, first said: “Cao Cao is the prime minister of the Han Dynasty, and he is also tempted to conquer the Quartet. If he resists him, the first reason is not smooth. Moreover, the natural danger of the Yangtze River, he has enjoyed it with us. In terms of the strength of the troops, it is even more incomparable to him. So I think it is better to meet Cao Cao.” What he said “to greet Cao Cao” is to cover up and “surrender Cao Cao.” A group of writers under Zhang Zhao, the first thing to consider is not the state affairs, but how to preserve their own family and family members, so they immediately reconcile, of course, all of them are plausible. Sun Quan did not think of Zhang Zhao, Qin Song and others. Today’s bones are softer and selfish. He didn’t want to listen to these people’s unspoken words, and he used excuses to change clothes and walk out of the hall. The so-called dressing at that time was the nickname for going to the toilet. When it comes to going to the bathroom, people rubbed their buttocks at the time. They were scraped with hard bamboo or wood chips, called toilets. But to remove the smell of the toilet, the high-door aristocrats are very particular about it. They are placed next to the small dried jujube, which is used to block the nostrils. When Lu Su saw it, he immediately followed it and reminded Sun Quan: “The Lord must not listen to the public opinion! Please come back to discuss the decision.” It turned out that Zhou Yu was at the tim

be understood. “Mr. Moon Girl, you and I said this is what you want to express?” Sumi felt a little tired when she took the food box and put it down. “Is Su girl really confused, or is it confused with slaves?” Zimu quietly looked at Sumi, with a bit of exploration in his tone. She doesn’t believe that Sumi has no other thoughts! It is because she knows the identity of Sumi, so she feels that Sumi should not have any other thoughts! What does the words of His Royal Highness Prince say, even a fool can understand, she does not believe that Sumi can’t understand! The purpose of her waiting here today for Sumi is to make her statement clear with her. “Su girl, the slave knows that you are kind, and the Highness of the Prince is just looking at you. You must say to the slaves that you know nothing about the mind of His Royal Highness, but it is really a deceit.” Ziyue said with sarcasm. ☆, Chapter 117: It is the same as what the Prince’s Highness eats. “What kind of thoughts? But just a few dishes. If you say so, should the cooks in your house should give birth to the Prince? I have a child, I thought you were a smart person, but I didn’t expect it to be my eyes. So today I will tell you a word with the girl, I don’t have any points for the Prince. I don’t think about it before. I don’t have it now. I will never have it in the future. So please don’t always stare at me after the girl in the month. If you have these ingenious thoughts, it’s better to put it somewhere else. Maybe Prince Edward saw it. Then I got into the heart.” After Sumi finished speaking, he mentioned that the food box would leave. But I didn’t want to suddenly step forward in the month, and stopped Sumi. Sumi didn’t expect that the month would be entangled. He almost didn’t stop his foot. There was a bang in the food box because the tilted plate hit the food. The sound coming from the box. “What are you doing!” Whoever is, can’t be happy with such irrational entanglement This time, the tone of Sumy’s tone is not as gentle as in the past.

boys immediately followed. 旷寒四道: “The son made his shackles, this emperor is not good in his heart. His Highness is still in Taiyuan. Once he receives the news, he will not be able to act. If the Qi Wang is arrogant, he will only dispel the first half of the year, His Royal Highness. It may be necessary to move here, tell everyone that they are all spirited and ready.” “Yes!” Although the old sixth was so suffocating, his face was still full of excited blush. They are all orphans, orphans adopted by the cold four, and they have been instilled with the belief that they are loyal to His Royal Highness Chiba and strive to recover. But this belief has always seemed too far away and embarrassing. It seems that there is hope at the moment, and he is of course happy. Yan Hansi turned his head and looked at him. When he saw him so, he couldn’t help but smile: “The human heart is available!” The cold four is the guard of the palace, and with the white ink, the people who escaped the little princess escaped in the war. After fleeing, he led a group of brothers, and the king was king. In the era of the anti-king, his small mountain forces were not noticeable at all. Until Mo Baiyan found him again, he changed and became a citizen in Puzhou. Later, they “born” a lot of people. He is a loyal minister, and he admires Emperor Yang Guang. He always hopes to reproduce the great age. The emperor was not faint, and the chaos was not because the people were not happy. The cold four was very clear. In his opinion, it could be called the emperor and the emperor. Before that, he was the emperor and the emperor. Yang Guang. On the rule of the arts, the next move to Luoyang, the Grand Canal, the first to create a system of imperial examinations, martial arts, fruitful, pioneering Lin Biao, taming Qidan, conquering Ryukyu, shocking Yiwu, occupying Tuyuhun, Sanzheng Goguryeo. Political development of the Western Regions, streamlining of institutions, reform of governance … Unfortunately, his Majesty is rushing, a civil service, a re

wly. There was a loud bang from the side planks, and the sea monster had not yet climbed up. Li Bai quickly raised his hand. The note, read out loudly. After a few seconds, the voice of the female referee came. “The answer is correct, the score is now 6: 5 oh~” Xia Yi did not stop, and along with Zhang Qingyu, once again stepped into the thick purple fog. This illusion is built to be even bigger, compared with the previous laboratory, it is not a heavyweight. This is a place similar to the corridor of the teaching building. The lights on the top of the head make the sound of Ulaula, the hall is full of blood and minced meat, and there are two bodies in the corners that are dressed in school uniforms and have begun to rot. Was slammed, a helicopter flew over the sky, and the yellow smoke dropped slowly and fell into the playground of the school. At the beginning of the illusion, the purple smog was not as heavy, and the surrounding scenery was very clear. I looked at the bulletin board on the wall for a while, and the paper on it was smashed. The only remaining one was only half of it. It looked very embarrassing. The black and white words on the top were written clearly. The research institutes carry soldiers to investigate, and the number of crawling species cannot be removed. The number of survivors is unknown.] [This place is completely collapsed, and the organization approves to give up.] [Reporter: Xia Yihui.] Seeing his name, summer One sighed a little, the rare one was helpless: so why did Zhang Qingyu’s obsessions relate to him, it sounded like he was really dross… and looked at the paper carefully, the end of the paper There is a little red chapter. This red chapter is familiar again in the summer. Every time I endure the experiment, I always have to cover the red chapter at the end, so he can be sure that this paper is indeed a research institute. Produced, can not be faked. Think about it, Xia Yi slewing head asked Zhang Qingyu: “Do you remember here? Zhang Qingyu didn’t answer, he stood by the bed

person had already reached the house gable and shoveled. Behind the room. Listening to his shouting, Mo Baiyan, Yan Ganji and others were busy rushing to the house, and they listened to “嗖嗖嗖嗖”, and a string of arrows and rains hit the plantains in the next row. Although the power of the arrow is greater than the bow and arrow, but the arrow is a flat shot, there are obstacles at this time, it is not as good as the bow and arrow. The bow and arrow are throwing and can bypass the obstacle at an arc angle. The pro-military guards of the Generals of the Generals of the Generals fought a hundred battles and responded quickly. The front row of squadrons shot and the rear archers immediately raised the angle of the projectile. A plunging arrow crossed the ridge and just shot behind the house. Luo Badao, Qiangan Chengji, Mo Baiyan and others hurriedly waved weapons. “嗖~~嘶!嗖~~嘶!” The bowstring screams, and the profit is broken! The arrow that can be used for heavy armor, whether it is strength or speed, is far from being able to resist. Although these people are not ordinary warriors, they are also dazzling. Ye Tianming, a master of eunuch, was careless. He did not block a sharp arrow. The arrow fell from the sky. He slammed through his instep and nailed it into the ground. The arrow was still on his feet. The upper jaw trembled. Ye Qi hurriedly wanted to save him, but he was dragged by Mo Baiyan and slammed back. The second arrow rained, the arrow was like rain, falling from the sky, the arrow was like a spike, and the bloodthirsty cold light flashed. It was only this moment that Ye Tianming, who was only nailed on the surface of his feet, had no time to dodge. He slashed his sword in vain to resist the three arrows. He listened to the sound of “squeaky” and the whole person had been shot. It became the appearance of a sugar gourd. “Tianming!” Ye Qi screamed and his eyes were red. They are almost the same age, they are together as slaves, walking together in the rivers and lakes, this many years, I have long bee

aught the rope with only one hand were so relaxed, holding the cheats that he always remembered, and was swallowed by the wicked water. Yin Wei looked at it all with no expression on his face, and sighed in his heart. How many people have lost their lives for the world’s first name? Just like the second knife is a bloody example, and… my father is also. “Come back to your martial art to re-elect the head.” Luo Yunfei said to the men standing on the shore, not forgetting the sarcasm at the end of the speech: “Remember that this time you choose a character, you will not be too greedy.” Some of those who are resentful want to rush to Yin Weijun and Luo Yunfei to take revenge, but they are stopped by others because they understand that Yin Weizhen does not care about the suspicion, and it is rare to take the initiative to save their head. All these consequences No wonder others, just blame them for failing to escape the shackles of the world’s first name and letting them send their lives. Luo Yunfei didn’t want to stop, and took Yin Weizhen to go to the forest. Yin Weijun did not resist at first, until he was forced to take the horse. He found the horse instead of going to the Star Mountain Villa and protested. “I want to go back to Ruijian Villa, you have no right to pick me up again.” He did not expect that they have already reached this point, Luo Yunfei still wants to take him back to the Star Mountain Villa. No matter how hard he struggles, he can’t get off the horse. Luo Yunfei always keeps his face and does not say a word. With his natural strength, he has taken an absolute advantage. He has one hand to restrain him. “Luo Yunfei, are you smashing? Let me go.” On the horseback, the little monkey who was waiting for Luo Yunfei and Yin Weizhen to return was happy to climb on Yin Wei’s shoulder, but because of Yin Wei’s anger and struggle, Frightened and jumped to Luo Yunfei to hide. Luo Yunfei’s face did not respond, and Yin Wei’s deceitful behavior made him feel uncomfortable, and he was almost angered whe

now it is clouding, it looks like it is going to rain. “We have to get out of here and find a hotel.” Staying, the weather here is changing, don’t say that the second sister is not suitable, even I am not comfortable! Zhao Hongxiang stopped a taxi and the couple got on the taxi. Zhao Hongxiang reported the place name in Japanese, let the driver find a hotel, and the driver was driving with white gloves. When the two got off the taxi, they found it. A Japanese three-star hotel stayed, and it was already dark and rainy. Shen Jiaqi sat on the sofa, Zhao Hongxiang helped her to pour a cup of coffee, handed it to her wife, and then gently sat on the sofa next to her wife. The rainstorm poured out, and the thunder rang aloud, which made people feel scared. Shen Jiaqi’s slow opening, the speed of speech was very slow, and the dimly lit lights reflected her beautiful shadow. “Looking at the experience of the second sister, I am more determined to stay. In the determination to develop in China, I decided to go on a different development path with our brothers and sisters. I don’t worship foreigners or worship gold. I have already seen how much they paid for going abroad, listening to the second sister. I’m complaining about it, I’m not sympathizing with her at all. This is the path she chose. She is self-sufficient. I’ve already predicted that the second sister will not have it in the future. What good outcome, with her headstrong, arrogant, greedy, vain, worships money and personality, education of poor children, Huna followed her future life will go the wrong way! Zhao Hongxiang sighed and asked half-jokingly: “If I don’t have any money, I don’t want to be a deputy director. Would you like to dismiss your son like your second sister, divorce me, and marry the sea?” A Japanese farmer? Shen Jiaqi smiled and reached out and took a look at Zhao Hongxiang’s chest. “I am not my second sister, she is her, I am me, not every Chinese woman is like her.” I like the unrealistic mirage, I still like to work hard on my own, t