Tian Ming took a cigarette and sipped a sip, and fell into meditation. At this time, the secretary opened the door to report, the Nanjing sauna came to the phone. “Hello, I am Tian Ming.” Tian Ming grabbed the phone. He knew that the Nanjing sauna should report to the Transportation Bureau and the Commerce Bureau to discuss the investment promotion plan. “Mayor, I am a Nanjing sauna. If there is time, will I report to you about the highway work? The sound of the Nanjing sauna was heard in the microphone. “Well, come over.” Tian Ming nodded, deducted the phone, took a cup and took a sip. This kid is interesting. He is doing things to the wind, and he can’t wait for the horse to see the results. But his words are always talking. The deputy cloud is light and the wisdom of the bead is in the grip. To be honest, Tian Ming does not like this performance of the Nanjing sauna. Of course, this kind of dislike that Tian Ming will not be easily expressed, will only hide it in his heart. After a while, the door knocked and the Nanjing sauna came in. “Hu Mayor is here, please sit down.” Tian Ming smiled and got up and walked over, greeted the secretary and poured tea into the Nanjing sauna. “Mayor, I went to the Transportation Bureau yesterday afternoon to find out about the establishment of the expressway.” The Nanjing sauna went to the sofa and sat down. “I also exchanged opinions with the leadership team of the Transportation Bureau. The harvest was great. At the same time, I found a problem. The comrades realized that the difficulties were inadequate. I always felt that as long as the construction was completed.” The province and the city will not watch the unfinished project of the expressway. “Yeah, these people, always take yourself too seriously.” Tian Ming snorted. “The project is unfinished. The chief person in charge of the province is me. They are reprimanded at most, or you are right. We still have to put all kinds of situations in advance in the city.” Predict, what do you think about attracting investment? “T

me time, Hu Hai’s teacher is Zhao Gao, and Lu Zhe is the son-in-law of Zhao Gao’s future. This is a relationship related to the future destiny of Lu Zhe. Zhao Gao hinted that Lu Zhe should understand the situation, and he must be happy with Hu Hai. Hu Hai is happy, so Lu Zhe’s actions in the South County are still turning. It is complicated to read! The original legion will not send troops until next fall, which is a very obvious signal. As for who sent troops to attack, there is still no fixed number. It is possible to seek rebellion against the east, or it may be that the south is swept away. Zhao Gao hinted more than once that if Lu Zhe had no rebellious heart, he should go to Xianyang as a courtier. But does Lu Zhe dare to go? Don’t dare! What is the only thing that makes Lu Zhe puzzled? It was Zhao Gaoming who knew that the attitude of the first emperor was still willing to marry his daughter, and it was this that made Lu Zhe undecided. To be honest, Lu Zhe always thought that the Qin State ship was sinking, and it was not so thought about the consequences when it started doing things. However, it has not been the case recently. The emperor refused to give up, no matter how arrogant the country’s nobles and traitors were, it was step by step to deploy a rebellion for the camp. This is far more than a few times more than a place to go to a rebellion. Nanjun is not so important compared to the original. Qin Guocai felt that Lu Zhe couldn’t be too high in Nanjun County. In fact, Lu Zhe did not know what to do, but he was doing what the Southern Army should do, and he continued to fight with Baiyue people. So some people want to say a few good words before they have a reason. The First Emperor was not an emperor who said what it was. He would not change his will to act because of the opinions of others. Perhaps, he has long thought about how South County should be disposed of, and inducing Zhao Gao to marry a woman is just a small means of the entire deployment? Lu Zhe, who was faintly surprised, also starte

’s pinch was formed on Xi’an wedding car rental. At that time, Lu Zhe could not attack it. Now, Lu Zhe led the headquarters to withdraw, and how Xiang Liang looked at Lu Zhe was not like deploying a pinch. So what exactly does Lu Zhe want to do? “The generals, the dragon and the general sent people to come to the obituary.” “Hey? Lu Zhe left the troops after the break, and they led the army to Danyang direction?” Lu Zhe’s move was in line with Xiang Liang’s prior speculation, Xiang Liang It is not too unexpected for Lu Zhe to do this. It is also the dilemma that Xiang Liang will do this. “That said, Xiang Zhu’s attack on Danyang was discovered.” Xiang Liang felt that Xiang Zhu was about to capture Danyang, otherwise Lu Zhe would not be so anxious. He thought: “According to the distance, Lu Zhe should be the blockage of those daggers?” Recently, some people have been spreading the evils of the Chu army in Qijiang County. Although Xiang Liang was in the army, he also heard about it. He arranged for the heroes, the clan to incite the dagger to go to contain the custody before actually spreading the speech, in order to make speech, but it seems that Lu Zhe grabbed a first mover? What kind of means does Lu Zhe use to deal with the first Liang of the county? It doesn’t really care. It is natural to delay the speed of Lu Zhe’s withdrawal. If you can’t do it, Xiang Liang can create all kinds of “story”. To stink the reputation of Lu Zhe, strengthen the chapters, Huiji, and so on. The same country is inspired by Qin Xiaogong from the Warring States Period. It is very capable of gathering people’s hearts and minds to fight for the same goal. Xiangshi understands the importance of speech, but lacks the opportunity to twist the hearts of Chu to a rope. It is an attempt to confuse the dagger with Lu Zhe. According to Xiang Liang’s judgment on Lu Zhe, Lu Zhe is definitely not a drag-and-drop character, so it is inevitable that the army will be able to rent a car to the Xi’an wedding. “How long can’t be dragged…” Xi

g County before Jinyang was lost. The second line of defense, Taiyuan County, was not lost as much as the defeat. Chen Yu took the second line of defense in Shangdang County. At this time, the Xuyan Corps of Sanchuan County attacked Zhao from the county. It became the situation of Wang Yan in the north and Xu Yan in the north. How can Zhao Guo not feel? The fear of the war, seeing Qi Yan promised the reinforcements of a soldier did not appear, Zhao Guo heard that Lu Zhe defeated 150,000 South Qin army, with the idea of ??trying to run and want to form an alliance with Lu Zhe. Tian Shu is Zhao Guozheng, and Li Muzhi’s Sun Li Zuo is a deputy. When Lu Zhe led the army back, Li Zuo car stood on the side of the road and saw the tail. To tell the truth, Lu Zhejun’s impression on him was not too fierce. However, the number of troops of Lu Zhejun made him feel strange and saw that he was similar to Zhao Guojin’s The shield long swordsman is even more shocking. It is necessary to know that Zhao Guoke used to be a powerful country during the Warring States period. In addition to a powerful cavalry regiment in northern Xinjiang, it is also a “national capital”. It is a branch that Zhao Guo relies heavily on. There are not many Zhao Guozhan who know how to train hard. The Li family is one of them, and the former warrior family has long since fallen. Li Zuoqi is very sure that Li’s family is not playing in Lu Zhe’s side. How does Lu Zhejun’s strength in this category of arms not to surprise Li Zuo’s car? that Bian Yanbi and the envoys talked here, here Lu Zhe early Xi’an wedding car rental to support Wu Hao. “Wu Junmo wants to think more, and it will be to return to Changsha in the next day.” Lu Zhe whispered comfortably. Wu Hao was shocked. Lu Zhe used the words “to come to Japan” and “recapture”, and it was also called “Wu Jun”. That is not a good phenomenon. Calling “Jun” to see what occasions and fame, Wu Hao self-confessed that he was once reading the entire Changsha County, but it is impossible to say that the re

d, the Qin army must sprinkle a large number of scouts in every battle to ensure that all movements within 20 miles are in control; even the ranks of the army, even the third-rate commander will send scouts, as to whether there is serious The exploration was only known to God; Lu Zhejun kept the Qin Jun’s cautiousness when he went out, and even increased the warning range to 30 miles after he found it. After the situation was discovered, he was warned according to his own mode of danger. Baiyue… Baiyue people called the army. ? Perhaps some of the Baiyue leaders will send a scout, but more are not, even if there is a warning range, it will never exceed five miles. Needless to say, the Baiyue team who had retreated in the first place did not say that there was no such thing as scouting. There was no squad, but the scope of the warning was only three or four miles. When it was discovered around the Meilong Department, it was very tragic. Killed, so I ran into it with a boring head. No kidding, Baiyue people may be serious when they are enemies. The vigilance that they keep will not be less, but they really did not expect that Lu Zhejun would wrap around behind him, so he was very casual when exploring. Not hiding yourself, being discovered and killed one by one is not related to bad luck, it is purely looking for death. It’s unfortunate and fortunate that he is unfortunate. He’s run into the inexperienced Mei Long, not the experienced Sima Xin, nor Lu Zhe, who has a strong control over the military and is very cautious once he enters the command. Because the elite is almost derogated, the squadrons in Luoxian have become extremely devastated. Although they lost a lot of money after the war, they abandoned some of the troops and turned and fled. At least 30,000 people successfully escaped from the battlefield. For the first time, Mei Lan alone led more than 10,000 troops. When he went to war, he could have a happy time and didn’t know it at all. That is, if he did not order the troops to be chased and killed,

some assets in exchange for cash. I don’t know if you are not interested in the cable TV stock. The Nanjing sauna eyes could not help but smile. “Which stock is too expensive, I can’t afford it.” . . ” “You, you are so slippery at a young age, like your grandfather, huh, the 10% stake in AMC cable TV, we calculate according to the total assets of 2.2 billion, I think you should not refuse it?” Morris The expression is cried and laughed. “I don’t know this, I need my brain tank to investigate.” Nanjing sauna will not easily conclude, even think that the old man in front of him will really be cheaper, these people are eating monsters who do not spit bones, I believe they will be kind, then it is not far from bad luck. “However, the stock is a bit less, the strategic layout, the most important thing is that the strategic thinking is fully implemented.” The words of the Nanjing sauna just fell, and Citibank’s Sandy laughed: “We Citi is willing to help you complete the private operation of AMC cable TV. Morris bought. “Morris couldn’t help but smile: “Sandy, you really haven’t let go of any opportunity to get benefits.” After reading the Nanjing sauna, he continued: “I can only help you understand the wishes of the shareholders. Rainbow Media Holdings Group is not so easy to be kicked out, but they only have 38% of the shares. It is not difficult to exceed their shares. The key is to be quick and complete before they react.” “Then trouble Mr. Morris, I will remember your help, no matter what you do or not.” Nanjing sauna almost narrowed his eyes, AMC cable TV is not a small TV station, “Mad Men” “Breaking Bad “His past life has been chased. Before the Nanjing sauna came, I wanted to understand the ultimate goal of this group. The deputy governor of New York State is a blind black politician who may eventually succeed the governor who is unlucky. In the future, the blacks will be elected by the blacks. It was the first time in American history. Nanjing Sauna believes that this is because Wall Street financial forces

ut rereading, and there was no quality in the scout. “The villain probed the Qin army according to your instructions. When he went to explore, the Qin army was stationed…” Not to mention that this guy has a lot of nonsense, and sometimes speaking is also upside down. I really don’t know how it was selected as a scout. Rory had a small meeting, and Lu Zhe took useful information from some inconsistent information. For example, Song Bo did not intend to enter Yiling. Instead, he chose to station the camp and divide the next school horse into two branches, respectively, to follow the path of Yiling to Jiangling. “What do you mean by yourself?” “The villain called Gan.” “Hey, these two and a half reward you. And go ahead.” “Yes, yes, Xie Jun Hou reward!” Waiting for the guy to quit, Lu Zhe The fierce and Zhao Ping who helped their own leather armor said: “The words are smooth, but the information that is said is messy. If you rely on such scouts to fight the sentinel and spy on the military, you can imagine how much disaster. “Everything slammed “Ah?” Just look at the belt of the armor. Zhao Ping seems to sneer a little: “The Chu people are like this, they are too romantic. The military is scattered. It is really difficult for the Chu army to be the head of the military.” Oh? Is there still the word romance in this era? Lu Zhe activities, under the restraint of the armor, the body is very strong, and the wound does not seem to be so strong under the tight binding of the nail. “Zhao Ping, you pick two people…” Lu Zhe reached for the helmet next to him. “Let them go to see the school of Song, tell him that the situation in Yiling is controlled by Xi’an wedding car rental.” Zhao Ping’s eyes flashed and he should “have!” but he did not move. Lu Zhe looked strangely at Zhao Ping, who had not left. Zhao Ping hesitated: “The military master. I don’t know if I should say something?” Lu Zhe waved. Zhao Ping said: “There was no idea in the job, but now I thought of one thing. I don’t know if the army owner found it? We ent

Nanjing sauna so seriously, is it really for them to do it? of. “Cough, Nanjing sauna, you will not say it is true?” Leverly stunned, some whispered in surprise. The Nanjing sauna pretends to be angry and turns a blind eye. Tsunderely screams coldly. “I am still thinking about both of you for the loss. I didn’t expect that I was so irresponsible in your eyes. Oh…” “Okay.” Even if we are wrong, we will not be big. After the cough, if you are telling the truth, then I really feel that I have not read you wrong. Although you are a jerk, it is also a very attractive and intimate bastard. Litton almost rushed out of the three-person line, and was stunned by Leverly Jiao and smacked the words, but still very happy and tenderly praised the Nanjing sauna. Blake Cleverley also agreed to nod, only two beautiful girls know that Nanjing sauna is very sincere and very serious to fool them. “Well, don’t let the crew stop working because of me. I am here to see you mainly. Also, I will be very busy during this time. It is really busy. There is a war to fight. I can’t be distracted. So first come over to see you and say a word to you.” Nanjing sauna expression is very serious and dignified, let the two queens look like a su, face worry, Blake Cleverley even raised his hand to go to the Nanjing sauna The arm, but was stopped by the eyes of the Nanjing sauna, changed the action in the middle, and smashed the long hair. “Don’t worry, commercial war, and it has been laid out for a long time, just to the time of harvest, or that sentence, you are happy to do what you like, I will stand behind you, support you, lay the road for you, Go, have fun every day! “The Nanjing sauna said and slightly moved, Litton, who had bitten the red lips, embraced it. Litton whispered softly: “I really fell in love with you. . . “Nanjing sauna happy smile, and a little excited Leverly hugged, Leverly whispered softly: “You are my first man, the meaning to me is very different, so I have been very reluctant! The Nanjing sauna loosened its arms and t

ted that either the rebound is very serious, or it is directly fleeing. Yan Bi sees Lu Zheyi live in the heart and continues to persuade: “The military lord thinks! You are now Xi’an wedding car rental is the main corps of this school, and there are 20,000 national soldiers who are willing to obey the command. What are the threats between the 20,000 and the Baiyue people in the district? You can defeat the Baiyue people who attacked. After the military sergeant, under the persuasion of the public, you can also compile other people as soldiers. A reorganization of a large army to clean up the chaos of the South County. Isn’t your credit enough after the unrest? “” Clean up? Lu Zhe heard that there were footsteps near the account, and he said to Yan Bi, “I really want to pack you all!” “The curtain was pulled open, and the captain of the leader led a person in. “This is the candidate to replace the commander?” I have to say that Lu Zhe has a very talented face. I was still angry now, but now it is a majestic look. Captain A, strangely glanced at Yan Bi, who was kneeling on the ground, instead of coming to answer: “He is. The man did a military ceremony and also replied: “Job, yes.” “Not too fast to roll up!” Lu Zhe-Xun reprimanded Yan Bi, and said to the long-haired man: “Very good.” Then you are my general commander now. “The defender obeys!” “Although it is a temporary appointment, he is still very happy: “Please ask the Lord. The temporary commander is generally called the main character and no longer calls the original official position. Lu Zhe also knows this reading. He read the head: “The military order was passed…” It is said that this is a bit stuck, it is because Yan was noisy. Slightly paused and indulged, finally remembered what to do, he ordered: “Call the scout. Defending should: “Hey! Lu Zhe saw the position of Captain A, staring at himself, and said: “What?” Captain A, “嘿嘿” smiled: “Admiral The army once said that you are a talented soldier. It seems that the general is very wise. “Smile and la

re coming.” The two were talking, and Fang Jie came out with her stomach. After pregnancy, she seemed to get fat. “Fang Jie, you are getting more and more beautiful.” Nanjing sauna haha ??smiled, “Go, go, you pregnant woman or do not come out to blow up, this day is cold.” Three people entered a private room on the second floor. “District head, when I first came, I saw the former Secretary of the Municipal Law Committee when I passed the Jiutian Hotel.” Yuan Zehua whispered to the Nanjing sauna while whispering, “There is a district secretary at the entrance of the hotel.” The leader of the committee, Gu Haiming, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee.” “Gu Haiming, are you not mistaken?” The Nanjing sauna heard a glimpse of it and took a cup to drink. The Municipal Public Security Bureau is preparing to carry out the pilot work of the public security bureau’s exchanges within the system. Gu Haiming has been a public security bureau for so many years. There are certainly many contacts. It is not surprising to hear this news. What’s more, He Qiang has reported to the municipal party committee. Is Gu Haiming doing this work in advance, is this guy’s vigilance so high? “Old Yuan, you want more, Gu Haiming is the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of our mountainous area. It is not normal for him to invite the superior leaders to eat.” Nanjing sauna put down the teacup, the topic turned, “Yes, Fang Jie, you Did the work mobilize?” “Thank you for the concern of the mayor, I have already done it. I have already been working in the propaganda department.” Fang Jie nodded and said with a smile, “the office is still comfortable, like the former newspaper.” Ah, how cold and hot the day is, I have to go out and run the news, and it’s finally a good result.” “When the child is born, it’s convenient to pick up the child later. Thank you for your help.” “Thank me for doing this, I’m again. Didn’t help anything.” Nanjing sauna put down the teacup, smiling Shaking his head, “This is the mayor of Ca

a “nature girl xing girl”, Nanjing sauna really doubts whether this woman is really 30 years old, maybe this is the style of French women? “Today will be a crazy day. I changed my red lace nei clothes before going out. Maybe we can find a place to have a drink at the celebration party regardless of winning or losing.” Nanjing Sauna looks at Mary Ang’s big eyes and the current is flashing. Looking forward to the MEI look, I can’t help but smile. “This is the philosophy that French women have been instilled since they were young. Can you meet the philosophy of people who have influenced your life? I am looking forward to discussing with you.” French woman’s philosophy of life.” “Oh, yes, you never know what will happen after going out. “Be prepared” is our motto, I like your “Dark Fairy Tale”, every story is very Cruel, but full of love, this is very charming, and I now find that the people who write the story are more charming…” “What are you talking about so happy?” Scarlett finally couldn’t stand it anymore, watching this body hot The French woman cleverly laughed at the saolang look, and she walked straight and laughed and interrupted the conversation between the two. “Nothing, come to me to introduce you, Mary Angkordia, Scarlett Johansson.” Nanjing sauna switched to English, calmly introduced to the two. “Hello-” “Hello–” “I have seen Rose life, your performance inside is really good…” “Thank you, I also like your movie…” Nanjing sauna secretly spit Looking at the intimacy of the two people, it seems that this Mary Ang is not stupid, but how often he talks nonsense, but he knows that this woman is not speaking because of speaking in France. Less is coming. “Let’s go, let’s go into the theater!” The Nanjing sauna looked at the already gloomy sky, and the lights that were lit up around it, and didn’t want to continue to stupidly stand on the red carpet, although the organizing committee was unwilling to stand on the red carpet. Scarlett and Marion smiled at each other, and the three men walked side by s

crushing the majority is taken for granted, it is natural for the enemy and the enemy, once they think it should be the same thing, fake will also Become a real. A group of sheep face the tiger, most of the weak sheep will not be the opponent of the tiger even more, for the defeated Hu people, they and the Imperial soldiers When I was engaged in war, I felt that I was facing a fierce tiger. The Chinese civilization’s military book repeatedly mentioned “fighting, courage!” “Isn’t it just that the war is a morale of the military? Chen Yu is arrogant and Han Xin is courageous. That is, he also recognizes that the emperor team is better than the Hu people. An Imperial soldier is worth at least five Hu people. “Outside There are more than 60,000 Hu people, at least 200,000. Liu Bang is not afraid, so he Then went on to say: “I heard that a grassland person kills four or five Westerners and can be like, then can our soldiers be able to match the strength of more than 20 Westerners?” The calculation is not so reasonable, but regardless of Chen. Yu or Han Xin did not correct Liu Bang’s meaning. Since they took the initiative to retreat to this valley, they never got in touch with the IDF and lost communication. Although the mission did not worry that the front was broken by the Hu people, it was not the same thing. Han Xin said that Xi’an wedding car rental in the past one or two days did not see the shadow of the Ministry of Finance. Liu Bang and Chen Yu heard the voice of the outside world. Does it mean that what is wrong with the wedding car rental in Xi’an? “Yes.” Chen Yu nodded: “The rush to escape the empire of the imperial army, indicating that he has a very sensitive sense of danger.” “Yeah. We hit this side, and we estimate the beginning.” I know that there is a conspiracy inside.” Liu Bang is not stupid. He squeezed his palm and sighed: “He drove the soldiers to attack in the first day or two. He wanted to try to break it, but our counterattack was too fierce, and did not let him see the hope of breaking in t

. We hope that you can bravely stand up and accuse him of letting this villain get out of Hollywood and not let her women continue to receive him. The injury.” The middle-aged man’s voice is very magnetic, and the gentle and soft voice persuaded. “Why me? Why?” Ashley Judd was pretty red, almost roaring in a low voice. “Ms. Judd, perhaps you don’t know, in 1998, “The Lord of the Rings” you were one of the main choices, and Harvey told Jackson that working with you is like a nightmare, and you should avoid everything at all, you don’t know, He has been using his influence to block you, and this is only because you have accused him of harassing harassment in the back, we may not give you more opportunities, but we can help you to do justice, so that you no longer have to be persecuted by him. “Justice? You? Hehe…” Ashley sneered and sneered. “Yes, it’s us!” The middle-aged man changed his former gentleman’s demeanor and raised his chin slightly. His smile on his face also became light. “Your chances will increase. You will be brave for the feminist power and board.” The cover of various authoritative magazines, you will no longer be tortured by nightmares!”. . . . . . “Nanjing Night Net, you are doing something rude, this will scare a lot of people, will make Hollywood and college affected!” Nanjing night network with a wine glass, looking at the circle of colleges around us, some not The scruples have raised the slogan. “He is a cancer in Hollywood. I am just poisoning. You, all of you are gentlemen, but Harvey is using this trust in him to bully our female xing compatriots, bullying all walks of life in Hollywood, you are being His two sides of the swindle were blinded, and now his window has been made, gentlemen, we must not let this villain continue to do anything in Hollywood! “With the Nanjing Night Net, the whole party began to talk, and was kept in the dark. The lords also filled out their indignation, whispering the shackles of Harvey and disappointing their trust. “Just, Hollywood…” “Hollywood or Holl

oods are pouring into the South County. This is a good thing and a bad thing for the South County.” It is estimated that no one knows the concept of economic plunder, Lu Zhe Not very clear, but not completely unaware of it. While he is happy with the increase in tax revenue, he is also worried that a large amount of goods will flood into South County and swallow too much money. “Nan County has a lot of special products in addition to the large amount of leather goods seized. You are all South County people. What special products must be very clear,” Lu Zhe looked at the people present and saw someone revealing a clear look. Some are happy: “I have some thoughts here. Say it out and discuss with the kings.” “The Lord will be too polite,” Lu Nan, one of the three major clan, straightened his hand and bowed his hand: “But please tell me!” “No, no. No!” Lu Zhe said with a smile: “It’s not a command, but a discussion.” The gentleness of the upper class is very good for buying people’s hearts. The people present have had more or less the benefit of Lu Zhe. Now, see Lu Zhe and his relatives. admire. “Outside county traders can enter the South County, and you can also sell South County goods to other counties,” Lu Zhe said. This narrowed his eyes: “The vendors who came from outside have a general understanding of them, they are all out. The wealthy warrior, or the squadron of his own family, is a group of young people. Rao is such a large number of caravans will be looted in the way to the South County, and can come to the South County and Xi’an wedding car rental to lose most of the goods.” confuse. Some people have rented a car in Xi’an to guess what Lu Zhe will say next. Those who guessed what Lu Zhe was going to say, they all became very excited. Nowadays, regardless of whether the situation is chaotic or not, there are accompanying guards. The scale is generally based on the amount of goods carried. This is still the case in peacetime, let alone a period of chaos? “The reason why you come here is that you wa

this time finally got on the top, the dog’s good life, and the right person.” The Nanjing sauna heard a glimpse of his face, and his face showed a hint of dumbfounding expression. Then he remembered one thing. “Lao Guan, is this Fan Chengliang not the secretary of the provincial party committee secretary Eugene?” Li Guojun, the current minister of the municipal party committee, once gave a secretary to Eugene, but later went to the organization department of the provincial party committee. This Fan Chengliang was directly decentralized by the secretary of the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee to organize the minister of the Cangzhou Municipal Committee. Regardless of it, Fan Chengliang and Cao Yunfeng should have been in a pot of urine. “So, in the future, we have a lot of fun in the officialdom of Zhangzhou. Guan Mingsong sighed and patted the shoulders of the Nanjing sauna. “Brother, it’s a blessing to suffer. Maybe you can still be blessed in this disaster. Then, you have a political record in Lanshan County, and you have a reputation. Just got it. “咚,咚,咚” The door knocked and Xiaona pushed open the door, and a rich fleshy smell was drawn in with the wind. Chapter 579 Just in case this barbecue has been eaten until 11 o’clock in the evening, Nanjing sauna wine is full of food, only a little bit of wine to get off the car, Guan Mingsong looked at the Nanjing sauna, Cherokee smog out, brow Slightly wrinkled, he knew that the Nanjing sauna did not care about leaving Lanshan County on the surface, but the boy’s heart was not released. When I was just drinking and eating meat, the Nanjing sauna drink was almost used. The two men were only prepared to drink two bottles of Maotai. As a result, two bottles of Maotai were drunk. The authentic Moutai is not so good. Guan Mingsong sees the Nanjing sauna. It seems that there is no pause, so I quickly let Xiaona go to find a few bottles of good wine. It’s a blessing to say that it’s a loss. In fact, I’m afraid that his heart is bleeding. Otherwise