ection. This sloppily stunned Tang dynasty’s appearance falls in the eyes of the Xi’an wedding car rental, which is really a showoff! And the graduates of an office in the Xi’an wedding car rental group were hot and envious. They said some words in front of Li Song yesterday. I didn’t expect Xi’an wedding car rental to move out of the laboratory today. I don’t know this is LCD TV. The Xi’an wedding car rental soon found that the three Xi’an wedding car rentals used a half year to improve a picture tube is really not a difficult thing, and they may be shorter than they are. Three experimental reports, two physical objects. Dean Lu and several professors are very confused. Dean Lu asked: “The reports of the microwave ovens have come out. Why didn’t you get the physical objects out? Li Song’s eyes fluttered and whispered: “This year’s spring is not earlier than in previous years. Xiao Shimei said that it was really winter to get the microwave oven out of the way. Isn’t that a waste of time? It is better to give the report to the teacher, and it is more convenient to buy one in the real thing. Well, it’s really winter and winter too! Dean Lu was very heartwrenching and politely repatriating Li Song and Wang Yang, and then discussed three experimental reports with several professors in the office. This evening, the lights of the Dean’s office lit up overnight. The next day, Dean Lu took the three experimental reports and two physical objects to the big leader. It happened that the big leader had just sent away a heavy passenger and saw that Lu’s chief had topped two dark circles and quickly invited him into the office. “You still have to pay attention to rest during the big night. Didn’t you sleep well last night? The big leader took two cups and gave a drink to the Xi’an wedding team and the dean of the court, and they took care of it.” I laughed very cheerfully. “I was sleeping all night last night! “Not only me, Lao Liu Lao Wu, they have not slept, I am here to give you a surprise! The big leader also c