want her, and will not come back. At that time, she was happy…and desperate. But it is different now! Muze Cloud will always be by her side and will not leave. She knocked on the door and he rushed out to see her. “Yes!?” Muzawa clouded Jiang Yue to sit down, leaned over and put his ear on Jiang Yue’s stomach to hear the wonderful sound. Jiang Yue laughed: “No, it’s gone now, just now!” “Oh.” Muze cloud is somewhat depressed. He actually wants to hear the child’s moving voice, but he can’t say let him move, he will understand. Ozawa cloud left from Jiang Yue’s belly, and some of them felt reluctantly touched and sighed: “Is there no luck?” Jiang Yuegang wants to laugh and say something, then he quickly pulls the hand of Ozawa’s cloud and puts it on On his own belly: “Fast, he is moving again!” “!” Ozawa did not put down his hand, but also put his own ears up. Very slight noise, there seems to be a place where the Ozawa cloud is placed on the ear. When the child returns to calm again, Muze Yun sat down and smiled into a flower on his face. “Is it felt?” Jiang Yue asked. “Yeah.” Muzeyun nodded heavily. “It is the feeling of life.” Once upon a time, he felt that life was skipping abstraction, and it felt like something was missing. Now know It is the lack of personal experience. Now I have witnessed the life from scratch, and I can understand what I have understood before. “Ze Yun, I…” Jiang Yue wants to stop, seeing the eyes of Muze Yun let her continue to say, then said, “I think, whether this child is a nephew, I want him to scream. “Ozawa Yun sighed with relief and smiled: “Of course, the name is just a code name. If this makes you feel that he is still by your side, it is worth it.” “What do you want to do today?” Muzawa Cloud is the edema of the Jiangyue. “There is nothing else to do on the weekend. If you want to go, you will go.” Jiang Yue’s recent whereabouts are very stable, except for the downstairs park, Lin Xiangyu. Go to see Xiaorui. Her exchanges with Xiaorui have gradually increased, not