ourse, what can’t this be?” Did the last two of us not cooperate well? I just took advantage of this incident. My jade sister showed me the child. I don’t know if I can be busy. “Sumi is very fond of the wheat field. This will be very happy when I hear her take the initiative to say so. “Let’s go!” “The wheat field is also trying to make a relationship with Sumi, otherwise it will not stand out in the eyes of the public. Plus, if you can learn from Sumi, this is something that others hope will not come. How can you not?” Happy? “Oh, I said Sumy’s sister, are you not interested in seeing you?” Still looking for someone to give you a hand? My family is a big sister, and you are two nephews, and our big sister, which one can’t give you a hand? We are all family members, there is nothing to guard against, do you say it? Can you rest assured if you switch to someone else? “Li Laiqing did not dare to say anything too ugly to talk to the wheat field. It can only be so concealed to remind Sumi, and even secretly gave Zeng Chunyan a wink. It seems that she hopes that she will use the same trick again, but Sumi has already eaten. Once a loss, this will be to let her say nothing will not pick up again. “Okay, I said that the help is already giving you face, if you still have this, you will not do things about your Li family. In blending, you should ponder and ponder, I still have serious things to do! If you are overjoyed, don’t be afraid of abandoning your jealousy. Yu Yujie. Go, take the children, let’s go home! “This time, Sumi did not wait for Zeng Chunyan to look over and said directly. “Walk away!” “Zhang Yuyu really wants to go. This will be the spirit of listening to Sumi. I will come up and take the two children to go faster than Suomi. “Look at you, sister, you talk.” Is this your temperament so big? Go and do it, who do you want to find, who can’t talk? Walk around, I will give you Let’s lead the way! Hurry up! Li Laiqing saw that Sumi and Zhang Yuyu were looking for real. They didn’t support those words at the