er 1516 After returning to Beijing for lunch, the three little guys were also sleepy. They usually have the habit of taking a nap. They played a whole morning this morning. When they go to nap, they will naturally fall asleep. The Nanjing sauna sent Qin Xiaoyong to send the children home, accompanied Wang Maoliang back to the room to drink tea, Wang Maoliang also had the habit of lunch break, ready to take a rest at the municipal party committee. “Nanjing Sauna, these three children in your family are very well educated.” Wang Maoliang took a sip from the teacup and glanced at the Nanjing sauna. He laughed. “You and Chen Hao are classmates of the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee. He Going to Yiyang City this time, you didn’t give him a trick?” “Secretary Wang, although Chen Hao’s ability is very strong, but after all, there is no grassroots work experience, especially to deal with such big things.” Nanjing Sauna shakes his head “At this time, the Yiyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government need to twist into a rope. There is only one voice. If you lick a hammer, I will knock on a hammer and it will only make things more complicated.” “The difference between grassroots work and agency work is very Large, the main work of the agency is to upload and release, and the grassroots face more to deal with all kinds of trivial work, to deal with various emergencies, Chen Yu wants to do results at the grassroots level, he has to learn more. “Oh, I didn’t see that your kid is very unique in terms of employing people.” Wang Maoliang smiled and rubbed his finger at the teacup. “This time, your city council submitted the candidate for the deputy mayor.” Xiang Yun, this should not be the person you want to recommend?” “Secretary Wang, this is the meaning of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Deng. In fact, Yu Ming also proposed a candidate, is the county party secretary of Sanli County, Lan Zhiyuan, however, This blue-yuan ability is not good. It is better to find Tang Gaoyun in the