dy of the Platinum Wing. “Is the Platinum Wings not the first to succeed in the city?” What is wrong with them? “Before I saw them all use this to accumulate fame, how can we not talk now? When we organized the players in the forum, we did not see the Xi’an wedding car with the platinum wing coming out.” Platinum Does the wing have a saying? Such a statement has gradually occupied the mainstream in the forum. When Wang Laoji told Ni Wen about this incident, what she saw was already a onesided comment. “This is definitely driven by the Xi’an wedding car rental. Wang Laoji said over there. “I also tried to pull my attention away from the white gold leaf, but then I immediately counterattacked and things resumed. Original. Behind this, I don’t know who is the ghost. I don’t know, what is the purpose of their actions this time. “No matter what the purpose, I will always reveal the tail of the fox. Ni Wen blinked slightly. “No matter what the current public opinion is, we can’t pick up this radical method. Otherwise, the preparations made before can be done.” It is. Have you had the drawings of the large bombs that you collected before? “Lingfeng Chenyang, they went to a crazy goblin gathering point and got a drawing of a large salt water bomber. “Well, Xi’an wedding car rental is what I need.” Ni Wen’s eyes lit up. “Let Ling Feng Chen Yang continue to go to trial or brush monster upgrade. We don’t care about the outside public opinion. The large salt water bomb. The outer shell of the bomb is made of bronze, in the range of large bronze gunpowder. Within. Salt water fried. Compared with a normal bomb, the fire damage will be slightly less, but it will have a chance to paralyze the target, and this one state can last for about two seconds. Ni Wen here let Wang Laoji send the drawings to the Xi’an wedding team, and at one end finally got the space stabilizer in General Lampson. However, such a device, she does not intend to go to Medicis now. The town of Ite should now be in a state of war security. If she tran