second son’s pick. I don’t think it’s going to be bad. When it’s time to kill the enemy, I’m not going to escape.” She considered the words and asked euphemistically: “There have been three deaths and five injuries since ancient times. Also, they have a rich and stable life in Zhangzhou, how come they suddenly join the army? Chen Hao is quite capable of governing Zhangzhou. In recent years, the Xi’an wedding car rental in Luzhou has doubled. The original wasteland is now planted with crops. The tax season that Zhangzhou went to the state treasury in the past year has arrived in Lezhou for several years. The people eat well and have no reason to think about coming to join the army, for the sake of a grain of food, the name of the Xi’an wedding team. “The skin will not be stored, and Guizhou will be defeated. Where can I stay in Zhangzhou? When I heard that there is no support from Guizhou, they spontaneously organized a team to join the army. If I stopped in time, I was afraid of women and children. I have to follow them together. Chen Haomei has revealed his pride. “The world is full of blame and death. The people in Zhangzhou are very clearminded.” Xi Xiangyu first said: “There is still a good governance of the two sons, and the people can understand the righteousness. Chen Hao’s face is calmly accepted by her praise. Xi Xiang’s words suddenly turn again. “I just don’t know who started the army. Can the second son be introduced? She said that this is not his intention, just thinking that the Xi’an wedding car rental can organize the people to join the army to support Guizhou, the reputation and the ability of the people in the people should not be bad, so Xi’an wedding car rental, if not reused, It is a bit wasteful. However, Chen Hao’s look was stiff and stiff. The boss reluctantly answered: “That’s not the merit of our three Miss, it’s his idea, called Zhaocai’s name in the name of Yong’antang. In his jurisdiction. The appeal of Yong’antang is far greater than that of his state