his state, Xi’an wedding car rental has been maintained for nearly two hundred years. During this period, there may be many heroes who want to unite all Baiyue people. However, according to the actual situation, those heroes who have appeared before have not Obtained If you succeed, then Baiyue will not maintain a loose sand. A temporary alliance of loose sand, if it can be smooth, and the lord has superb political ability, then the tribal leaders really have the possibility to create a kind of centripetal force (both surrender) to the lord and evolve into a merged ethnic group. Before the appearance of the Xia Dynasty, Xuanyuan was also an alliance with many tribes. Chiyou was also a tribal state. Which ethnic group started the tribal alliance. In the end, under the killing of powerful people, it is called a new ethnic group. Now there are many forces in the tribal alliance. According to Lu Zhe, Baiyue is one. The Huns are one, and the Moon is also one. Donghu and the monks are also the state of the tribal alliance. Perhaps in the distant West, apart from the Roman Republic and the Greek Federation, the Germans, the Thracians, the Celts, the Jurassians, and the chaotic people are also in the form of tribal alliances. The Qin Empire…may be counted as a re-established country, the Roman Republic and the Greek Federation, the Assyrian Empire, the Persian Empire… In the same period, Lu Zhe was able to raise his head to the public and say to them. If you don’t understand: “We are more advanced than too many ethnic social systems.” Advanced civilization will be defeated by backward civilization. The barbaric civilization ruined the advanced civilization, and Lu Zhe thought of this later, but he did not think that the “barbaric civilization” would be called the Baiyue people. A war that is destined to win. Xi’an wedding car rental is not worthy of thinking too much about Lu Zhe. What he should focus on is to think about how to cultivate the essence. Those who obey orders, qualified officers, and excellent generals