now it is clouding, it looks like it is going to rain. “We have to get out of here and find a hotel.” Staying, the weather here is changing, don’t say that the second sister is not suitable, even I am not comfortable! Zhao Hongxiang stopped a taxi and the couple got on the taxi. Zhao Hongxiang reported the place name in Japanese, let the driver find a hotel, and the driver was driving with white gloves. When the two got off the taxi, they found it. A Japanese three-star hotel stayed, and it was already dark and rainy. Shen Jiaqi sat on the sofa, Zhao Hongxiang helped her to pour a cup of coffee, handed it to her wife, and then gently sat on the sofa next to her wife. The rainstorm poured out, and the thunder rang aloud, which made people feel scared. Shen Jiaqi’s slow opening, the speed of speech was very slow, and the dimly lit lights reflected her beautiful shadow. “Looking at the experience of the second sister, I am more determined to stay. In the determination to develop in China, I decided to go on a different development path with our brothers and sisters. I don’t worship foreigners or worship gold. I have already seen how much they paid for going abroad, listening to the second sister. I’m complaining about it, I’m not sympathizing with her at all. This is the path she chose. She is self-sufficient. I’ve already predicted that the second sister will not have it in the future. What good outcome, with her headstrong, arrogant, greedy, vain, worships money and personality, education of poor children, Huna followed her future life will go the wrong way! Zhao Hongxiang sighed and asked half-jokingly: “If I don’t have any money, I don’t want to be a deputy director. Would you like to dismiss your son like your second sister, divorce me, and marry the sea?” A Japanese farmer? Shen Jiaqi smiled and reached out and took a look at Zhao Hongxiang’s chest. “I am not my second sister, she is her, I am me, not every Chinese woman is like her.” I like the unrealistic mirage, I still like to work hard on my own, t