ultifunctional compound fertilizer before rice transplanting in early May next year. The author has something to say: Some of the compound fertilizers must be edited by my Xi’an wedding team, and Mr. Yuan and the hybrid rice time may be advanced by me. Don’t be too concerned about the 25th chapter of the laboratory. Go to the ground to observe the soil at the beginning of a mind. To develop the best compound fertilizer, you must be familiar with the land under your feet. The large paddy of rice has not been harvested. When the wine is in a hurry, every day, wearing a straw hat to go around the Yellow River embankment, there is a long hill at the end of the Yellow River embankment, about four meters. How tall is it, climbed over and over ten meters away is a wide and wide river, the river is very clear, big fish and small fish are still quite a lot, most of the team familiar with water at this time will sip a group of Xi’an wedding Renting a water and pulling a fishing net is also a leisurely time after a hard day. Song Hongfang did not feel relieved when drinking a Xi’an wedding car rental, and also topped a big straw hat next to the wine. Just watching it for a few days, the wine basically has a lot of heart on this piece of soil. After going back, I found a big notebook brought back from the emperor. I started to write with the pen and wrote the status of the soil one by one. On this book, I asked her about the harvest of the rice in the milk field during the past few days. During the growth process, the leaves were yellowed, and there was no lodging, glutinous or greed. I asked her. The fertilizers produced every year are all cockroaches, and the preparation work has been done almost. The wines began to be equipped again on the basis of the existing fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizers and potash fertilizers. When she was immersed in the process of chemical elementalization, the knowledge reserve in her mind was gradually opened up with her inquiry. The knowledge in the depths of memory is the purest knowledge. I