Tian Ming took a cigarette and sipped a sip, and fell into meditation. At this time, the secretary opened the door to report, the Nanjing sauna came to the phone. “Hello, I am Tian Ming.” Tian Ming grabbed the phone. He knew that the Nanjing sauna should report to the Transportation Bureau and the Commerce Bureau to discuss the investment promotion plan. “Mayor, I am a Nanjing sauna. If there is time, will I report to you about the highway work? The sound of the Nanjing sauna was heard in the microphone. “Well, come over.” Tian Ming nodded, deducted the phone, took a cup and took a sip. This kid is interesting. He is doing things to the wind, and he can’t wait for the horse to see the results. But his words are always talking. The deputy cloud is light and the wisdom of the bead is in the grip. To be honest, Tian Ming does not like this performance of the Nanjing sauna. Of course, this kind of dislike that Tian Ming will not be easily expressed, will only hide it in his heart. After a while, the door knocked and the Nanjing sauna came in. “Hu Mayor is here, please sit down.” Tian Ming smiled and got up and walked over, greeted the secretary and poured tea into the Nanjing sauna. “Mayor, I went to the Transportation Bureau yesterday afternoon to find out about the establishment of the expressway.” The Nanjing sauna went to the sofa and sat down. “I also exchanged opinions with the leadership team of the Transportation Bureau. The harvest was great. At the same time, I found a problem. The comrades realized that the difficulties were inadequate. I always felt that as long as the construction was completed.” The province and the city will not watch the unfinished project of the expressway. “Yeah, these people, always take yourself too seriously.” Tian Ming snorted. “The project is unfinished. The chief person in charge of the province is me. They are reprimanded at most, or you are right. We still have to put all kinds of situations in advance in the city.” Predict, what do you think about attracting investment? “T

me time, Hu Hai’s teacher is Zhao Gao, and Lu Zhe is the son-in-law of Zhao Gao’s future. This is a relationship related to the future destiny of Lu Zhe. Zhao Gao hinted that Lu Zhe should understand the situation, and he must be happy with Hu Hai. Hu Hai is happy, so Lu Zhe’s actions in the South County are still turning. It is complicated to read! The original legion will not send troops until next fall, which is a very obvious signal. As for who sent troops to attack, there is still no fixed number. It is possible to seek rebellion against the east, or it may be that the south is swept away. Zhao Gao hinted more than once that if Lu Zhe had no rebellious heart, he should go to Xianyang as a courtier. But does Lu Zhe dare to go? Don’t dare! What is the only thing that makes Lu Zhe puzzled? It was Zhao Gaoming who knew that the attitude of the first emperor was still willing to marry his daughter, and it was this that made Lu Zhe undecided. To be honest, Lu Zhe always thought that the Qin State ship was sinking, and it was not so thought about the consequences when it started doing things. However, it has not been the case recently. The emperor refused to give up, no matter how arrogant the country’s nobles and traitors were, it was step by step to deploy a rebellion for the camp. This is far more than a few times more than a place to go to a rebellion. Nanjun is not so important compared to the original. Qin Guocai felt that Lu Zhe couldn’t be too high in Nanjun County. In fact, Lu Zhe did not know what to do, but he was doing what the Southern Army should do, and he continued to fight with Baiyue people. So some people want to say a few good words before they have a reason. The First Emperor was not an emperor who said what it was. He would not change his will to act because of the opinions of others. Perhaps, he has long thought about how South County should be disposed of, and inducing Zhao Gao to marry a woman is just a small means of the entire deployment? Lu Zhe, who was faintly surprised, also starte

’s pinch was formed on Xi’an wedding car rental. At that time, Lu Zhe could not attack it. Now, Lu Zhe led the headquarters to withdraw, and how Xiang Liang looked at Lu Zhe was not like deploying a pinch. So what exactly does Lu Zhe want to do? “The generals, the dragon and the general sent people to come to the obituary.” “Hey? Lu Zhe left the troops after the break, and they led the army to Danyang direction?” Lu Zhe’s move was in line with Xiang Liang’s prior speculation, Xiang Liang It is not too unexpected for Lu Zhe to do this. It is also the dilemma that Xiang Liang will do this. “That said, Xiang Zhu’s attack on Danyang was discovered.” Xiang Liang felt that Xiang Zhu was about to capture Danyang, otherwise Lu Zhe would not be so anxious. He thought: “According to the distance, Lu Zhe should be the blockage of those daggers?” Recently, some people have been spreading the evils of the Chu army in Qijiang County. Although Xiang Liang was in the army, he also heard about it. He arranged for the heroes, the clan to incite the dagger to go to contain the custody before actually spreading the speech, in order to make speech, but it seems that Lu Zhe grabbed a first mover? What kind of means does Lu Zhe use to deal with the first Liang of the county? It doesn’t really care. It is natural to delay the speed of Lu Zhe’s withdrawal. If you can’t do it, Xiang Liang can create all kinds of “story”. To stink the reputation of Lu Zhe, strengthen the chapters, Huiji, and so on. The same country is inspired by Qin Xiaogong from the Warring States Period. It is very capable of gathering people’s hearts and minds to fight for the same goal. Xiangshi understands the importance of speech, but lacks the opportunity to twist the hearts of Chu to a rope. It is an attempt to confuse the dagger with Lu Zhe. According to Xiang Liang’s judgment on Lu Zhe, Lu Zhe is definitely not a drag-and-drop character, so it is inevitable that the army will be able to rent a car to the Xi’an wedding. “How long can’t be dragged…” Xi

g County before Jinyang was lost. The second line of defense, Taiyuan County, was not lost as much as the defeat. Chen Yu took the second line of defense in Shangdang County. At this time, the Xuyan Corps of Sanchuan County attacked Zhao from the county. It became the situation of Wang Yan in the north and Xu Yan in the north. How can Zhao Guo not feel? The fear of the war, seeing Qi Yan promised the reinforcements of a soldier did not appear, Zhao Guo heard that Lu Zhe defeated 150,000 South Qin army, with the idea of ??trying to run and want to form an alliance with Lu Zhe. Tian Shu is Zhao Guozheng, and Li Muzhi’s Sun Li Zuo is a deputy. When Lu Zhe led the army back, Li Zuo car stood on the side of the road and saw the tail. To tell the truth, Lu Zhejun’s impression on him was not too fierce. However, the number of troops of Lu Zhejun made him feel strange and saw that he was similar to Zhao Guojin’s The shield long swordsman is even more shocking. It is necessary to know that Zhao Guoke used to be a powerful country during the Warring States period. In addition to a powerful cavalry regiment in northern Xinjiang, it is also a “national capital”. It is a branch that Zhao Guo relies heavily on. There are not many Zhao Guozhan who know how to train hard. The Li family is one of them, and the former warrior family has long since fallen. Li Zuoqi is very sure that Li’s family is not playing in Lu Zhe’s side. How does Lu Zhejun’s strength in this category of arms not to surprise Li Zuo’s car? that Bian Yanbi and the envoys talked here, here Lu Zhe early Xi’an wedding car rental to support Wu Hao. “Wu Junmo wants to think more, and it will be to return to Changsha in the next day.” Lu Zhe whispered comfortably. Wu Hao was shocked. Lu Zhe used the words “to come to Japan” and “recapture”, and it was also called “Wu Jun”. That is not a good phenomenon. Calling “Jun” to see what occasions and fame, Wu Hao self-confessed that he was once reading the entire Changsha County, but it is impossible to say that the re

d, the Qin army must sprinkle a large number of scouts in every battle to ensure that all movements within 20 miles are in control; even the ranks of the army, even the third-rate commander will send scouts, as to whether there is serious The exploration was only known to God; Lu Zhejun kept the Qin Jun’s cautiousness when he went out, and even increased the warning range to 30 miles after he found it. After the situation was discovered, he was warned according to his own mode of danger. Baiyue… Baiyue people called the army. ? Perhaps some of the Baiyue leaders will send a scout, but more are not, even if there is a warning range, it will never exceed five miles. Needless to say, the Baiyue team who had retreated in the first place did not say that there was no such thing as scouting. There was no squad, but the scope of the warning was only three or four miles. When it was discovered around the Meilong Department, it was very tragic. Killed, so I ran into it with a boring head. No kidding, Baiyue people may be serious when they are enemies. The vigilance that they keep will not be less, but they really did not expect that Lu Zhejun would wrap around behind him, so he was very casual when exploring. Not hiding yourself, being discovered and killed one by one is not related to bad luck, it is purely looking for death. It’s unfortunate and fortunate that he is unfortunate. He’s run into the inexperienced Mei Long, not the experienced Sima Xin, nor Lu Zhe, who has a strong control over the military and is very cautious once he enters the command. Because the elite is almost derogated, the squadrons in Luoxian have become extremely devastated. Although they lost a lot of money after the war, they abandoned some of the troops and turned and fled. At least 30,000 people successfully escaped from the battlefield. For the first time, Mei Lan alone led more than 10,000 troops. When he went to war, he could have a happy time and didn’t know it at all. That is, if he did not order the troops to be chased and killed,

to Han Dynasty and owned by Hanwang? “The voice of Meng Yu is deliberately suppressed. “That was the self-consultation between the two countries. China has not conducted any guidance. “There is no such thing as understanding why the monk will bring the topic to this aspect. I thought about what I know about it truthfully: “My king respects the choice of Wei and Han…” Q: “So if Wei Han did not merge himself with the Han Dynasty, Hanwang Zhe will always let Wei Han exist?” “This…” How do you know the actual thoughts of Lu Zhe, but he is more inclined that Lu Zhe will certainly swallow Wei Han, but these words are not able to say to the monks. One sentence “understood”, and then asked how the singer explained to the generals of the Han Dynasty. Chapter 569: National 祚 (7) “The possibility of peaceful mergers? Lu Zhe’s face is strange. If the rest of the people came to ask this sentence, he would not be surprised, but the person who asked this sentence was Zhang Liang. He had to think about what it was all about. ∮ ∮ ∮ , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… Wei Han, who did not have much population, seems to be weak. It will not cause much complicatedness for the daggers in Wei and Han to flee into the Han Dynasty. The fact that Wei and Han are incomparably weak is a fact that they are in the face. Land is not an “inherent territory”, and local daggers are not so psychologically willing to rule the Wei Han royal family. Moreover, Wei and Han have always focused on the construction of the military, and they are interested in the development of the people. Powerless, after nearly four years of development, whether it is the construction of the army or the people’s livelihood The exhibition is a high-speed trend. Wei Han is very close to the Han Dynasty, and the reference is more direct. People always yearn for light

and dry. He didn’t know when he was already covered in cold sweat. At this time, Zhao Gao is still excitedly yelling and saying something… Welcome to the book friends to read, the latest, fastest, the most popular serial works all in! Chapter 81: The meaning of ‘呵’ is good, the chapter name is very fucking. Originally more fucking is to take “hehehehe”, unsuccessful Xi’an wedding car rental 囧 ~ seeking collection, recommended tickets. In addition, Sanjiang Ticket is very miserable, and I ask everyone to support it. …………………………………………………………………………………… Lu Zhe has never seen this car since he knew Zhao Gao. The government order was so excited, and it was almost impossible to see that Zhao Gao was not only worshipping the emperor. From his words and deeds, he could even see that Zhao Gao had an attachment to the emperor that he could not tell. This kind of attachment is not the kind of love between men and women or love, but it seems that such an individual is completely alive for someone, as if the object of attachment will become mad and lose the goal. Although it was very fucking, Lu Zhe once thought that the sissy Zhao Gao was a same sex~ love. Later, after knowing for a long time, he heard more and more rumors about Zhao Gao, and found that Zhao Gao has a wife and a woman who occasionally let women. Ji is sleeping. Since there is a physiological need, the object is also the opposite sex, then the sex ~ take ~ is normal is always right. Can only say that the sissy is a feature of Zhao Gao? As a car order, and even in charge of the emperor, Zhao Gao should not be an easily excited talent pair? How does he usually treat others with Lu Zhe? It is not clear how he would behave in front of Lu Zhe today… strange? Zhao Gao has been in a state of excitement for more than half an hour, and his roar is also hoarse. It seems that he feels “playing” enough. He is panting and sitting anywhere. Instead, he stares at somewhere with some gaze and has no focus. Wa

the battlefield, and they really want to protect people or the Secret Service. “… Grandpa, I don’t want people from there to get in.” Nanjing sauna has a headache. After all, dealing with Washington, those who are pervasive will definitely come in. “Childish! Which security company does not have their people, or else trust you, why give you orders!” Old Smith did not breathe a few words, but soon and Yan Yue color, to say his grandson That is really glory for the family. “Oh, now there are a lot of people in Washington who want to know you, especially the Olympiad of the party. In February this year, I stood up to run for the presidency. This rookie can retreat Hillary’s slap in the face, have to say It’s a big surprise. It seems that Romney has hit a hard scorpion this year!” Nanjing’s sauna eyes couldn’t help but he knew that O’Hara was elected with a high vote, although his elephant party background was too strong, but everyone I know that I am a mixed-child, and I support Ou Niu. It is very necessary to do political investment. “Yes, I also want to meet the black presidential candidate, outside the black Vasp. I think the American people will be happy to choose a black man to be the president. After all, this shows that it has long been against racial discrimination and lords.Freedom in the United States has always been ahead of the world. “Nanjing sauna sneered out and said that he himself felt the reason for being funny. “Ha~ You really are not suitable for the political road. If there is no Kennedy family support of the business wizard political idiot, you think he can win Hillary.” ? Ok, it doesn’t make sense to tell you this, but you want to meet him. This is a deliberate attempt to imitate Kennedy’s O’Brien. In fact, it is also a political idiot. Like the Kennedy man, it is interesting. He has been hanging on his lips to be committed to the unity and cooperation of the two parties of the elephant and the scorpion. If not Edward and Caroline are both shirtless to help him, hehe. . . The Nanjing sa

ing them, are Han Guang’s name for sale to Han Guo! More than 50,000 cavalry marching on the hoof will definitely cause a slight shake on the ground. The degree of shaking is changing as the distance is getting closer and closer, and the sound of the horseshoe is also the same, so there is a “beep” sound from the far distance, and then becomes the sound of “banging”. The obvious movements and silences show that large-scale cavalry are approaching the military camp. The Yanjun, who knew that this would happen, was naturally observing the camp. The Chen Sheng who was aware of the situation was a large number of wake-up soldiers. Defensive, completely uninformed Donghu is waking up in his sleep. “Listen to the static, approaching cavalry at least three or four thousand up?” 胥纰 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 胥纰 胥纰 胥纰 胥纰Wide, what is happening in the end.” The Altai letter of the 胥纰 is sabintu, the Altai letter that is forced to fall is vtara, and the cockroach is one of the great leaders of Donghu, and it’s also translated as the Chinese name. In fact, the Hu people should be called sabintu-vtara, which is a species or a hook species. Qilian is also one of the great leaders of Donghu. The name of the Hu people is kilem-butun, which is the official name of the Hu people. He also made a similar order from his hair. The rest of the Donghu size leaders shouted their cronies and prepared to fight. They sent people to go to Han Guang. They had to ask what happened. One was to prepare for defense with Yan Jun. They didn’t know that they were sold. Don’t be surprised that the same naming requires the leaders to repeat the instructions. Donghu itself is a tribal alliance. They don’t want the kingdom of the Chinese system. There is a great freedom between the tribe and the tribe. The army also directly obeys the tribal leader. The chiefs cannot directly command the tribal armies. It is the first to persuade the leaders of the tribes to be

least doubled, and the whistling of the gun is like tearing the air. Under the temptation of Yang Tatian, he finally used the real power. The power of this gun is already the real means of the five-level sea level. The white iron knives were immediately shaken by the iron gun. He swayed and slammed, and suddenly he slammed, and the white European body turned, and the shovel was placed flat on the gun that was stabbed. The iron gun was twisted. White Europe has finally used the real means. The power in Xi’an wedding car rental is boiling, the left hand is keeping up, the hands clenched the iron knife, and the terrorist power in Xi’an wedding car rental broke out, integrating genetic energy, Xi’an wedding car rental Such as the rushing out of the sea, the sound of a squeaking sound. On the iron gun held by Yang Titian, the glare of Mars was splashed. In an instant, the iron gun was scarred. Suddenly, the iron gun solved Xi’an’s wedding car rental and became a section of the festival. The White European Palace went straight, smashing the iron gun held by Yang Tedian, and the iron knife was like a broken bamboo, and he fell down towards his chest. The terrible knife was wrapped in a tragic atmosphere. As a flash of lightning fell, the muscles on Yang Tingtian’s face were shaking, and his right hand jerked, throwing the remaining less than a foot of the handle to the white European, and he followed. Then saved. Less than a foot of the handle was thrown into the knives, and immediately shattered into pieces of iron filings, such as the same bullet flying. The strength of this rolling knife is strong enough to easily crush steel, the extreme of terror, and it is almost the gathering of white European body strength. The strength of this knife, even if it is the true sea, the strong, has to change color, first avoid the front. Yang Tattian’s face changed as well. Some pale faces suddenly smeared a blood red. He felt that he was covered by the knife of white Europe. Like the prey that was stared by a poisonous snake, th