se. As a result, among the students waiting to be hugged by the teacher in a queue, Jing Jing went straight to Jing Meng: “Let me hold a donkey.” Chu: “…Oh, no shame. Jing Meng: “… When Jingjing does not move: “Let’s just let it go, let me touch the light of the big bang. Lao Wu’s gaze swept over: “Time Jing! Shijing turned his head: “Teacher, this is the friendship sponsorship between the classmates. Lao Wu: “… I believe you are a ghost. If it is not a critical moment now, I have to follow this group of children. I will let you write a review of 3,000 words! Several test teachers are also together. Laughing. At this time, everyone seems to be particularly tolerant to the students. Seeing the old Wu Hao closed his eyes with one eye closed, when Jing looked at Jing Meng again, requesting: “One second, really one second. . Jing Meng took a deep breath and turned his head. He opened his arms slightly as if he were dead: “Well, one second. Jing Jing opened his mouth and smiled, laughing like a fool in the landlord’s house.” child. Out of Jing Meng’s surprise, he actually just stretched out his hand and slammed her and let it go. It didn’t mean to take advantage of it. The courtesy was like a male and female star on the red carpet. “Okay, I drove it. He took a step back and looked at the hands of the Xi’an wedding team. He said to himself, but he still laughed like a silly son of the landlord. “The beginning of the small voice followed Jingmeng: “I I think you shouldn’t promise him, I suspect he is too excited to test. Jing Meng also whispered: “I also regret a little. Time is up, everyone stepping on the campus to play what “sunshine always after the rain” “friends walked together like bgm, parted ways, went to their respective examination rooms. Lao Wu Standing on the window with his hands on his back, watching the students coming and going, he said with emotion: “Go away again.” A teacher said next to him: “I thought this would be a headache for you. Lao Wu smiled and said: “When it was okay, Jing did n