an wedding car rental came to you. “Alice looked at Bai Ou and said: “I heard that you have played against Wu Wuji. The two sides are invincible. Your strength is amazing. Bai Oudao: “I just use external forces. How can you compare with you? You are really a real perfection. Xi’an wedding car rental has reached the same level as Wu Wuji.” Alice shook her head: “It’s still a long way off, I broke through soon, and Wu Wuji Xi’an wedding car rental has entered this realm for many years. It can be said that among the people, he is the most peak. Bai Au wondered why she suddenly appeared in Jinghua City, and Alice did not hide it. “Because I need to ask for help, I only know you in this Jinghua City. Xi’an wedding car rental is coming to you.” “Do you need my help?” “White Europe thinks that in Paris, the king is thankful for her help. Now people are looking for help, and of course they can’t refuse. They smiled and said: “If I can It’s natural to help you, but what can I do to help? I thought that Alice Xi’an wedding car rental is a big perfection. What problems can she solve? Can I help myself? Alice’s face is solemn. She said: “There is a powerful werewolf in the Dark Council, at least Not inferior to the small perfection of human beings, this werewolf stole a treasure of our bright teachings. According to the exact news, he fled to Jinghua City and hid it. My Xi’an wedding car rental came from this. “Wolfman?” “White Europe is amazed. After Alice introduced White Europe, I know that this so-called dark parliament is mixed with powerful and evil humans, some vampires, and werewolves and even legendary gargoyles.” I don’t think there are such half-human and half-devil creatures in the world. “White Europe thinks of the vampire that he encountered before, can’t help feeling. Alice seeks help from Bai Ou, or hopes that he can help him find this werewolf and recover the treasures lost by the light. Bai O nod and understand, immediately find The leader of the news and intelligence network, who came to Longjun, said