d, the Qin army must sprinkle a large number of scouts in every battle to ensure that all movements within 20 miles are in control; even the ranks of the army, even the third-rate commander will send scouts, as to whether there is serious The exploration was only known to God; Lu Zhejun kept the Qin Jun’s cautiousness when he went out, and even increased the warning range to 30 miles after he found it. After the situation was discovered, he was warned according to his own mode of danger. Baiyue… Baiyue people called the army. ? Perhaps some of the Baiyue leaders will send a scout, but more are not, even if there is a warning range, it will never exceed five miles. Needless to say, the Baiyue team who had retreated in the first place did not say that there was no such thing as scouting. There was no squad, but the scope of the warning was only three or four miles. When it was discovered around the Meilong Department, it was very tragic. Killed, so I ran into it with a boring head. No kidding, Baiyue people may be serious when they are enemies. The vigilance that they keep will not be less, but they really did not expect that Lu Zhejun would wrap around behind him, so he was very casual when exploring. Not hiding yourself, being discovered and killed one by one is not related to bad luck, it is purely looking for death. It’s unfortunate and fortunate that he is unfortunate. He’s run into the inexperienced Mei Long, not the experienced Sima Xin, nor Lu Zhe, who has a strong control over the military and is very cautious once he enters the command. Because the elite is almost derogated, the squadrons in Luoxian have become extremely devastated. Although they lost a lot of money after the war, they abandoned some of the troops and turned and fled. At least 30,000 people successfully escaped from the battlefield. For the first time, Mei Lan alone led more than 10,000 troops. When he went to war, he could have a happy time and didn’t know it at all. That is, if he did not order the troops to be chased and killed,