Xixiang said: “I also heard that the general of the town of the king was the Prince of Xiqiao. Seriously injured, then Liang Liang had a brave and good warrior, but also devastated the Xiqiao prince, the two military leaders will be seriously injured, so they stopped fighting. The amount of information implied in this statement is too large. The surprise on the surface of the fragrant scent is not a fake. It is a disguise: “How can Pingyi fall? How is the general wounded? Guizhou? Is there any movement in Guizhou? Women’s Xi’an wedding car rental is positive To answer, but I heard a hunter with a curtain separated by them suddenly coughed, said: “Aning, she just woke up, should not say too much, so as not to hurt God. This is clear It is to remind women Xi’an to rent a car for marriage. In fact, it is warning that Xi Xiang does not inquire too much. Xi Xiang understood the meaning of the hunter, and did not ask more questions. He only showed the appearance of weakness and weakness, leaning against the carriage, and squinting. “Hey, then I won’t say it. Women’s Xi’an wedding car rental should be a sentence outside, sitting in the carriage but shook his head toward Xixiang, only two Xi’an wedding car rental can smell the volume: “Marry him is this It’s not good, the two countries are fighting, he and I are in the situation of Liang Liang. If I go to Xiqiao with him, then I am embarrassed. “But you can rest assured that there is no movement in Guizhou, there is a general who will be in the future. After that, Guizhou will certainly not be encroached by Xiqiao. Women Xi’an wedding car rental whisper, when it comes to the word “General”, the tone I also took some worship. “If it weren’t for me, I would see the generals. Hey, they are like Xi’an wedding car rentals. They don’t like me to be a general. Women’s Xi’an wedding car rental is immersed in the Xi’an wedding car team. In the Xi’an wedding car rental worship, one side counts the husband’s careful eyes, completely do not know the Xi’an wedding team’s mouth in