illful hands. Two Xi’an wedding car rentals came back and forth several times, and found nothing strange. Gu Yuyi looked at the office where the lamp was still lit, saying: “It is better to go to the class teacher’s office to ask the situation? The second Xi’an wedding car rental returned to the third floor and knocked on the door of the thirdgrade second class teacher’s office. After explaining the situation, Teacher Lin said with apologetic apology: “It is true that students will inevitably be afraid of such things.” Bai Yan asked: “Mr. Lin, do you know the situation of the day? Teacher Lin recalled, “I was on duty that day. They said that they went to the toilet. I didn’t care, let them go. After returning… “What happened after coming back?” After returning, Qian Ben has been singing. Gu Yuyi backed up the lyrics he just saw and asked: “Is this song “Turning the Rope”? Hearing, Teacher Lin was shocked. “You… How do you know?” Gu Yuyi shook hands. “I just met two students, they told me. Teacher Lin took a sigh of relief. “When money came out of the toilet, he sang all the time, no matter who talked to him. I didn’t put it in my heart, and later his mother came over and picked him up. After… after… I heard that the money hangs in the toilet. “Hanging? Lin teacher nodded. “I don’t understand. Qian Ben’s personality is very cheerful, his grades are good, and his relationship with his classmates is also very good. He shook his head again and again. “Why did he commit suicide? Gu Yuyi was listening to him and was suddenly attracted by a basket of colored strings. She took a red string from the basket. “What is this used for? Teacher Lin saw the things in her hand and smiled. “This is what you need for tomorrow’s manual classes. He pulled a finger and flipped it flexibly. A small umbrella appeared in front of the two Xi’an wedding car rental. After that, Teacher Lin loosened the rope and was about to put it back. He snorted, “Hey? How is one less? “What’s missing? Teacher Lin carefully counted the color rope