wers will bring iron bars to the factory director’s office to make trouble. I used to be It’s really miserable to have suffered such a bitterness! “You, I have been tired for most of my life. I was still counting on you to be the factory manager. I followed you for a good life. I didn’t expect to kill a bit of gold in the middle of the road, let others take advantage of it!” “Looking at his wife is very dissatisfied with himself, Luo Yiping has no way. “Okay, don’t be jealous of others, this is just the beginning, do you think that the factory is so easy to turn around? When you think that I am in the position, I don’t want to let this factory come back to life? “I have been working hard for so many years. This factory is really unsuccessful. Anyway, I have already saved a lot of money. I can already use my son to study abroad. When he comes back, I will trust the relationship and help him find a good job.” Work, just fine, let’s enjoy the blessings of the old couple! “Oh, it’s so easy. You used to be the factory manager. People sold you a face. You are now resigning home. I am afraid that the future will be worse than before!” “” That is better than being blocked by the murderous fruit farmers in Niujiacun. Those people are really rogue. I am afraid of them. I am afraid that Shen Jiaqi and Zhao Hongxiang will take over the factory and let me hide. After a catastrophe, you thank God, contentment, well, time is not early, rest early, the days have to go on, a few days, I asked our relatives at home, and then help me find a job, just fine, Although I am not the director of the Xingda factory, but our family helped me find a job, it is still no problem, I can retreat! “I have already considered it, you don’t have to worry about it, just give it to your man to do it!” “Cut, your man’s heart is really wide. You don’t want to be jealous. I have to be embarrassed. I used to be the factory manager’s wife. The family’s economic conditions are good. I don’t want to eat anything. I want to buy clothes and ask for you.” Mon