I am happy.” Naturally, it won’t be difficult for you to ‘Zhang Feiju’.” Pang’s mother was overjoyed and quickly said: “Yes!” The person who brought her own is going out. Resentful to the tea pot a heavy meal, shouted: “Bring the door!” Pang mother laughed and said: “Too Shou master playing happy!” hurriedly obeyed the door, went to the court waiting. Resentful sneer stood up, saw the auspicious five-flowered tied, and also stuffed a cloth in the mouth, and then gave a slap to the two shackles, and told him: “Untie her, undress!” Chapter 074 The exorcist Li Yu rushed to the front of Ren Shoufu, panting inwardly and shouting: “Crash in!” At this point, the night will be late, Ren Taifu is not worth the light, the two doors just came out. The government gate is planning to light the lantern in front of the door. Seeing this scene, I can’t help but stunned. If you do not see the rushing in front of the officers and men dressed in yellow military uniforms, knowing that it is not riots or thieves down the mountain, the two doors have long since escaped. Listening to Li Yu’s drink, a door hits the courage and asks: “You…what do you want to do? This is Taishoufu!” Several people who have a title, such as a stubborn leader, a bad guy, and a square, have also become suspicious. The color, in the face of the fish, one of them whispered: “Little fairy, here is the government! You mean, the assassin is the people of the government?” Li Yu thought, turned back and looked at everyone, Raising his hands and shouting loudly: “You, everyone, and listen to Li Yu!” The door is afraid of thousands of people. When they listen to Li Yu, they breathe and breathe. . Li Yudao said: “You, you can know, why the assassin dare to spur in the broad daylight? Why did you escape without a trace, the city search does not see the shadow? Because … among them there are demon people! There are demon people!” Suddenly discolored, not to mention that this is an ancient man more than a thousand years ago, even after the world, how many pe