ly the next morning, the Nanjing sauna got up early, and did not take Yang Qianyu to do the morning flight. The two had breakfast early, and then went to the three photovoltaic companies to inspect it again. The situation of the company is really better than House. The company is much better. However, the Nanjing sauna can feel that the bosses of these three companies do not have much sincerity in cooperation. The reason why they warmly invite the Nanjing sauna to visit is to give Battis a face. Of course, they also hope to try from the Nanjing sauna. Selling products to the Asian side. In fact, the scale of the photovoltaic industry in France is not very large, so as long as the business is very promising, and the house of House The past performance of the company is also very good. The reason why it has fallen to this point is definitely related to the internal contradictions of the company. The flight ticket was on Friday afternoon. The Nanjing sauna accompanied Yang Qiang to Bordeaux to see the three manors. However, Yang Qianxi was not satisfied. Due to the time, the Nanjing sauna could not accompany her again, and hurriedly hit. A car rushed to the airport. “Qian Wei, I am sorry, I have not been able to accompany you for a few days. Don’t worry about buying a manor. If you look slowly, you must buy what you like.” Nanjing sauna tightly squats Yang Yangqi, “The house is going to I lived for a long time.” “Well, I know, you should go to the security check, don’t be late.” Yang Qian said softly, “I will definitely buy the manor. If I am free, I will bring the children to live for a while.” Time, I will drink my own wine in the future.” “Yes, will you come over and live?” “Yes, definitely.” The Nanjing sauna slammed the waist of Yang Qianqian, gently on her lips. A kiss, turned and took a handbag and strode into the hall. His heart was very clear. It is still easy to come. After a few years of high office, it is inconvenient to go abroad. “Well, you go back to the hotel, let Xiao Qian accompany you in the