n 1982?” “Hu Mayor, you are really a maverick, the red wine with shark’s fin bird’s nest in 1982, your creativity is really unique.” Manager Tan Some laughed and shook, shook his head, turned and went out. “Why do I have any ideas, I will go to the city to go to the city’s soil buns.” Nanjing sauna haha ??smile, “Sophie, what do you look at me, hurry to order, now there are only two dishes, the two dishes I eat Yes, it is indeed delicious in the world, but it is definitely not enough. I don’t know how big your appetite is, but I can eat it myself.” Chapter 1600 1609 The young waitress of the younger brother took the menu out. The Nanjing sauna took a sip from the teacup and looked at Sophie. He smiled. “Sophie, sorry, I forgot to say more in detail when introducing myself.” “Well, what are you coming to, it will not be a Prince in the four cities.” Zhao rubbed his eyes and looked slightly excited. “My little teacher will not be a prince, this It’s so unexpected, God, I’m so excited, I will cover you with me in the future, then can I walk in the four cities in the future?” “Zhao Wei, what do you say, what is this? In the age, I still open my mouth to open my mouth. You should be shooting a scorpion play.” Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head. “My grown-up is indeed a leader, but that doesn’t matter to me. I am the city of Wuling City in Jiangnan Province. Long, the teacher said that the subject of our research to Jiangnan is covered with me.” “Ah, are you really the mayor?” Sophie opened her mouth in a big way, “the one that advertised in CCTV. Wuling?” “Wuling City, Jiangnan Province, the Wuling City that built an aerial glass bridge on the top of the mountain?” Zhao Wei screamed, “Hey, I really went to Wuling to play with Sophie when I went to Jiangnan to do research on the subject.” Once you play, you are the mayor of Wuling City!” “Great, it’s great.” “No problem, no problem at any time.” Nanjing sauna smiled, “I can personally give you a tour guide.” Of course, you can also bring your loved