e of Constantinople, except for the east facing the strait, the golden horns in the north, the land on the west and the Marmara in the south. Now all of them are rumbling. The Byzantines did not have the advantage of water, and all the arrangements at the entrance to the Golden Horn were useless. A warship sailed into the Golden Horn, the muzzle was aimed at Constantinople, and the roar was no less sparse than the guns on the west side of the land. The Byzantine people who were surrounded by three sides were constantly falling. The city defense of Constantinople has reached the peak of the cold weapon era, and the strength of a block of stone-built city is far less than that of the former Central Plains. But the strong stone will also be soft in front of the artillery. Otherwise, in the military history of Europe, these individuals will not be able to quickly eliminate the castle of a cold weapon era. “God bless, the soldiers of the Roman Empire, God is with us!” Manuel I hangs neatly on the wall of Constantinople, shouting his sword, shouting slogans that he feels ridiculous, kneel down The soldiers also have the power to cope. Nothing, no one can beat a person who can’t fight back and hurt more than a dozen. God, the morale will also become like this. There is no fighting spirit at all – in front of the broken stone wall. The defenders are not all the hard-earned Europa serfs. There are many cultural aristocratic children inside. They know that when the strong outer shell of Constantinople is broken, waiting for them will be What kind of end. Cold weapons are fighting, they can’t resist the Chinese. Even if they have a lot of powder and fire oil in their warehouse. How can you believe in God, and God can’t save them. The final regret of Manuel I was to circle his uncle Isaac Komunin in Constantinople. After preparing for the resistance of the Chinese in Constantinople, he left his un threatened uncle, Isaac Komunin, in Constantinople. This was a coup in the eyes of Manuel I at the time. But now it is a stupid c