e problem of the imbalance of the military force in Guangnan were stated, and six hundred miles were sent to the Yidu and the Taibailou incident. The follow-up development and influence of another attached piece to the newspaper Lu Emperor. At the time of the memorial, Lu Emperor was in the Xuande Pavilion and some of the near ministers to discuss the southern tour. Yes, the emperor forced the filming of Jiangnan. Who is opposed to it. At the same time, the Jiangnan governor Chen Wenzhao and the Security Bureau had a secret play, saying that after the Taibailou incident spread to Jiangnan, the people’s hearts were unstable. Can be regarded as the basis for the emperor. If so, the emperor decided to go to Jiangnan personally to take a look, this is correct. It is one of the stability of the people, and the other is to go to the river. That is the north and south of the Yangtze River, the south is not to say, the north is the waterway, but because there is no Yellow River to win the Huaihai into the sea, nowadays it is still peaceful and peaceful. It can’t be said that there is no harm to the flood. It can be compared with the Jianghuai flood in the history of Song and Jin in the official history. It is almost no more than the flood in the north of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the official history, the Southern Song Dynasty, Tokyo, stayed in the Du River to open the Yellow River embankment, and opened the Yellow River to win the Huaihe River history for six or seven hundred years. A large amount of sediment in the Yellow River has been dumped on the northern Jiangsu plain, and the lower reaches of the Huaihe River have been gradually lifted after the merger of the Yellow River and the Huaihe River. The Huai River’s poor access to the sea has led to the flooding of the Huai River, and the rich Huainan area has been flooded all the year round. On the two banks of the lower reaches of the Huaihe River, the Fuling Lake, the Broken Pond and other large lakes and gullies are connected together, and gradually merged in