wly. There was a loud bang from the side planks, and the sea monster had not yet climbed up. Li Bai quickly raised his hand. The note, read out loudly. After a few seconds, the voice of the female referee came. “The answer is correct, the score is now 6: 5 oh~” Xia Yi did not stop, and along with Zhang Qingyu, once again stepped into the thick purple fog. This illusion is built to be even bigger, compared with the previous laboratory, it is not a heavyweight. This is a place similar to the corridor of the teaching building. The lights on the top of the head make the sound of Ulaula, the hall is full of blood and minced meat, and there are two bodies in the corners that are dressed in school uniforms and have begun to rot. Was slammed, a helicopter flew over the sky, and the yellow smoke dropped slowly and fell into the playground of the school. At the beginning of the illusion, the purple smog was not as heavy, and the surrounding scenery was very clear. I looked at the bulletin board on the wall for a while, and the paper on it was smashed. The only remaining one was only half of it. It looked very embarrassing. The black and white words on the top were written clearly. The research institutes carry soldiers to investigate, and the number of crawling species cannot be removed. The number of survivors is unknown.] [This place is completely collapsed, and the organization approves to give up.] [Reporter: Xia Yihui.] Seeing his name, summer One sighed a little, the rare one was helpless: so why did Zhang Qingyu’s obsessions relate to him, it sounded like he was really dross… and looked at the paper carefully, the end of the paper There is a little red chapter. This red chapter is familiar again in the summer. Every time I endure the experiment, I always have to cover the red chapter at the end, so he can be sure that this paper is indeed a research institute. Produced, can not be faked. Think about it, Xia Yi slewing head asked Zhang Qingyu: “Do you remember here? Zhang Qingyu didn’t answer, he stood by the bed

person had already reached the house gable and shoveled. Behind the room. Listening to his shouting, Mo Baiyan, Yan Ganji and others were busy rushing to the house, and they listened to “嗖嗖嗖嗖”, and a string of arrows and rains hit the plantains in the next row. Although the power of the arrow is greater than the bow and arrow, but the arrow is a flat shot, there are obstacles at this time, it is not as good as the bow and arrow. The bow and arrow are throwing and can bypass the obstacle at an arc angle. The pro-military guards of the Generals of the Generals of the Generals fought a hundred battles and responded quickly. The front row of squadrons shot and the rear archers immediately raised the angle of the projectile. A plunging arrow crossed the ridge and just shot behind the house. Luo Badao, Qiangan Chengji, Mo Baiyan and others hurriedly waved weapons. “嗖~~嘶!嗖~~嘶!” The bowstring screams, and the profit is broken! The arrow that can be used for heavy armor, whether it is strength or speed, is far from being able to resist. Although these people are not ordinary warriors, they are also dazzling. Ye Tianming, a master of eunuch, was careless. He did not block a sharp arrow. The arrow fell from the sky. He slammed through his instep and nailed it into the ground. The arrow was still on his feet. The upper jaw trembled. Ye Qi hurriedly wanted to save him, but he was dragged by Mo Baiyan and slammed back. The second arrow rained, the arrow was like rain, falling from the sky, the arrow was like a spike, and the bloodthirsty cold light flashed. It was only this moment that Ye Tianming, who was only nailed on the surface of his feet, had no time to dodge. He slashed his sword in vain to resist the three arrows. He listened to the sound of “squeaky” and the whole person had been shot. It became the appearance of a sugar gourd. “Tianming!” Ye Qi screamed and his eyes were red. They are almost the same age, they are together as slaves, walking together in the rivers and lakes, this many years, I have long bee

aught the rope with only one hand were so relaxed, holding the cheats that he always remembered, and was swallowed by the wicked water. Yin Wei looked at it all with no expression on his face, and sighed in his heart. How many people have lost their lives for the world’s first name? Just like the second knife is a bloody example, and… my father is also. “Come back to your martial art to re-elect the head.” Luo Yunfei said to the men standing on the shore, not forgetting the sarcasm at the end of the speech: “Remember that this time you choose a character, you will not be too greedy.” Some of those who are resentful want to rush to Yin Weijun and Luo Yunfei to take revenge, but they are stopped by others because they understand that Yin Weizhen does not care about the suspicion, and it is rare to take the initiative to save their head. All these consequences No wonder others, just blame them for failing to escape the shackles of the world’s first name and letting them send their lives. Luo Yunfei didn’t want to stop, and took Yin Weizhen to go to the forest. Yin Weijun did not resist at first, until he was forced to take the horse. He found the horse instead of going to the Star Mountain Villa and protested. “I want to go back to Ruijian Villa, you have no right to pick me up again.” He did not expect that they have already reached this point, Luo Yunfei still wants to take him back to the Star Mountain Villa. No matter how hard he struggles, he can’t get off the horse. Luo Yunfei always keeps his face and does not say a word. With his natural strength, he has taken an absolute advantage. He has one hand to restrain him. “Luo Yunfei, are you smashing? Let me go.” On the horseback, the little monkey who was waiting for Luo Yunfei and Yin Weizhen to return was happy to climb on Yin Wei’s shoulder, but because of Yin Wei’s anger and struggle, Frightened and jumped to Luo Yunfei to hide. Luo Yunfei’s face did not respond, and Yin Wei’s deceitful behavior made him feel uncomfortable, and he was almost angered whe