, but how much of this is left, Zhang Yuyu knows better than Sumi. “And there are a lot of them. I think about it. If I remember correctly, I have to have a big basket of prawns. Do you want to use them?” Zhang Yuyu is staring at the soup, and he is careless. Asked. “Well, use it, is it in the back kitchen? I will take it.” Something that needs to be kept at a low temperature is placed there. After Sumi got a positive answer, he moved the prawns himself. This dish will definitely bring you back to the city! This matter is determined by Sumi. “How do you want this whole prawns? Boiled shrimps? If you give me directly, you will be ready to prepare the ingredients.” Zhang Yuyu thought that Sumi is still the same as before, he wants to make this boiled shrimp, this will be I volunteered to say that I can do it. But this time, Sumi Have your own plans. “There is no such thing, but the taste of the dish I made is also good, it is also a new dish, you look at it.” Sumi shook his head, and his hands began to wear flowers and butterflies. “What new dish, how do I look at you and take this bitter gourd, do you want to eat this bitter melon with the whole prawns?” Zhang Yuyu began to frown when he saw bitter gourd. If you say that this piece of stone lei loves to eat, other people can follow a few mouthfuls, and Sumi wants to do it. Zhang Yuyu has nothing to say, but this bitter melon, it’s really just like Sumi, there is no one in the whole family. food! It is the dog next door. . . This is really not to be said indiscriminately. The dog next door doesn’t know what’s going on. I really like to eat this bitter gourd, and I eat it with relish. The look of satisfaction, I don’t know, I think it’s awkward. What is the best fruit of the world. “Well, I have to eat a bitter gourd shrimp. I have eaten too much during this time. We should also scrape the oil. You said it is?” Sumi smiled very cute, but unfortunately, Zhang Yuyu would not Pay the bill. “You can pull you down, you know that two children are more willing to eat th

e problem of the imbalance of the military force in Guangnan were stated, and six hundred miles were sent to the Yidu and the Taibailou incident. The follow-up development and influence of another attached piece to the newspaper Lu Emperor. At the time of the memorial, Lu Emperor was in the Xuande Pavilion and some of the near ministers to discuss the southern tour. Yes, the emperor forced the filming of Jiangnan. Who is opposed to it. At the same time, the Jiangnan governor Chen Wenzhao and the Security Bureau had a secret play, saying that after the Taibailou incident spread to Jiangnan, the people’s hearts were unstable. Can be regarded as the basis for the emperor. If so, the emperor decided to go to Jiangnan personally to take a look, this is correct. It is one of the stability of the people, and the other is to go to the river. That is the north and south of the Yangtze River, the south is not to say, the north is the waterway, but because there is no Yellow River to win the Huaihai into the sea, nowadays it is still peaceful and peaceful. It can’t be said that there is no harm to the flood. It can be compared with the Jianghuai flood in the history of Song and Jin in the official history. It is almost no more than the flood in the north of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the official history, the Southern Song Dynasty, Tokyo, stayed in the Du River to open the Yellow River embankment, and opened the Yellow River to win the Huaihe River history for six or seven hundred years. A large amount of sediment in the Yellow River has been dumped on the northern Jiangsu plain, and the lower reaches of the Huaihe River have been gradually lifted after the merger of the Yellow River and the Huaihe River. The Huai River’s poor access to the sea has led to the flooding of the Huai River, and the rich Huainan area has been flooded all the year round. On the two banks of the lower reaches of the Huaihe River, the Fuling Lake, the Broken Pond and other large lakes and gullies are connected together, and gradually merged in

er seen Huo Nan, but he also took the dagger. He took the book and went to the training room. Jiang Yuxi touched her. The top of the head. Cheng Liming did not bring the team over. Nanxun put the book on the desk, and turned pages one by one in a careless manner. Yu Guang sometimes drifted to the two people who were talking outside the corridor. Chapter 50 Returning to the Road (10) … “Isn’t Cheng Liming going to pick up people? How did you start the driver?” Huo Nan stood on the side of the door and squatted in the middle. “Girlfriend let others pick up, I don’t want to face?” Jiang Yuxiao laughed back. “What are you doing here?” Huo Nan’s meal, and he looked at Nanxun again, only to look back, picking the corner and saying something right, ” My dad’s research institute just made a new type of fighter. I want to ask if you have the willingness to fly. If you go, the personal insurance will be bought for you.” At this time, the sun is especially dazzling, and it is downstairs. Trees and flowers are covered with golden awns. Jiang Yu’s hand was placed on the belt, and the lower arm was blown sideways. “See no, special camp, fly that.” “I don’t believe you can’t come,” Huo Nan said, “Your information is my father. I have mastered it in my hand, and I have taken a degree from Q Da and Air Navigation. I am a daddy, how can I let you go, and it seems that the day before yesterday, your dad came to the institute to drink half a day of tea, and on the 6th next month is the air show. Jiang Yingchang, you can’t run away. “Look at the sky.” “Jiang Yu suddenly stunned, really looked up and smashed the blue sky like a mirror, the birds swiftly passed. Huo Nan smiled, see Cheng Liming brought the team over, only a little pause, they led the team into the training room, Huo Nan eyes stunned That is, it has become bleak. “I haven’t talked yet,” Jiang Yuzhen turned his head and went into Cheng Liming. “Would you like to find a venue for you to have a good fight? Your temper is also explosive. If you want to fight, you can ta

espective differences were so unpredictable. Thinking of the Muzawa cloud, Jiang Yue’s nose was sour, and he couldn’t help but cry. “Hello, how can Liu Haijia go?” Suddenly, a sudden but very clean voice rang behind Jiang Yue. She slammed her body and froze all over her body, and even her breath was stagnant in an instant. It is him, yes, yes…Ozawa cloud. Jiang Yueyu was on the ground, and he did not dare to move. He pretended not to hear. “Hello.” The person behind him seems to have stepped forward, and the voice is a bit heavy. “Excuse me…” After the Ozawa words were finished, Jiang Yue suddenly stood up and hurried back. I don’t know, you ask someone!” She turned and looked at it as she spoke. However, she did not expect that the Muze Cloud was so close to her, and she was not standing still, and she went straight to the river behind her. “Be careful.” The voice of eagerness and worries came, and then Jiang Yue saw the man in front of his arm stretched out and wanted to fish her. Why did she feel so flustered that she didn’t pay attention to her feet, and she was stiff and suddenly fell into the river. And Ozawa cloud just took her hand, but because of gravity, she was pulled and fell into the river. Jiang Yue was shocked, she was most afraid of water, and this would be completely overwhelmed by Cangjie. The Muze cloud reacted very quickly, grabbed her, took her out of the water, and quickly swam towards the shore. This will still be Hunchun, the weather is very cold, once it is cold, it must be sick. He remembers that Jiang Yue’s body is not very good, and it is easy to catch a cold when he changes season. “You’re fine.” His tone, with a lot of care, let people listen, they feel that the whole heart is full, warm. Jiang Yue was shocked. He hadn’t returned to God for a long time, so he was held in his arms, his fingers clenching his clothes. “How are you, talk.” Ozawa was in a hurry. He was worried about her and hoped she could say something and let him know if it was good. “I, I am fine.” Jiang Yue ra