k you boss, give me and Kenny this opportunity…” Joseph didn’t hesitate at all. To be honest, this is the biggest encounter in his life. The change is in front of him. As for the problems of the original company, they are from the battlefield. For the mercenaries coming down, Blackwater, huh, huh, is really just a hiring platform. It doesn’t need loyalty. All that is needed is a killing machine that can complete the battlefield mission. Kenny also nodded with joy and expressed his unanimous approval for Joseph’s words. “Oh, that’s good. I was worried that the two would not agree. I will become embarrassed afterwards. In this case, I am relieved. I will recruit a ceo and an administrative staff to build the company’s framework. As a shareholder, you are responsible for the recruitment and training of security personnel. I think this should be very simple for you.” Nanjing sauna was relieved. To be honest, he really didn’t tell lies, but he was really worried about these two. Will hesitate. “Boss, no problem, I and Kenny have their own combat squad before, recruiting only need a phone call, but the boss, our company’s business…” Nanjing sauna looked at Joseph’s face with A little hard to say, not to be curious to ask: “Company business? Is there any problem inside?” “Yes, if our company is just a security consultant, then we need to recruit personnel for training. I and Kenny’s team will Need to conduct personnel screening, after all, some of them have war syndrome, it is difficult to adapt to normal life, many people are unable to adapt to normal life after retirement, can only take the gun to become a mercenary until I don’t know what When I died on the battlefield…” Joseph and Kenny’s original high sentiment was a bit low. The six-year war had deflected the fate of too many soldiers. “Do you want to ask whether the company’s business includes military contracting?” Nanjing Sauna quickly understood what they meant. After all, killing machines and bodyguards are two different things, and they simply cann

htly on the horse neck, expecting to lower the body. I avoided the arrow that was shot. Seen from the periphery, the two cavalry teams, one after the other, chasing the blacks of the Han army cavalry in the back, they rushed to the front of the Huren cavalry at a very rapid speed. The shooting posture is continuous with the Han army cavalry in the smashing of the arrow, and the Huren cavalry in front is the small black point of the tail that is constantly being shot. “Chinese people or horses, the shorter they are “cut” in the tail part of the gallop. The companions in the back continued to make screams, stimulating all the Hu people to subconsciously promote the speed of the horses under their seat. Those who are either because of the arrows in the arrows or the arrows in the horses only fell to the ground, even if it was a moment. If you don’t die, you will be trampled by the Han army cavalry that came from behind and become part of the earth. One side in the panic control the war horses do not want to accelerate the escape. The other side is the pursuit of the highest speed critical point, and the distance between the two sides gradually begins to lengthen. The stamina of the West Malaysian horse cannot be said to be very poor. The advantage of the Hetao horse species is not the high speed galloping, but the first acceleration of the party must have suffered a physical loss, and the chasing of the Han army cavalry after running for more than two miles has obviously dropped. The horse’s mouth under the Han army cavalry also had a white spit. If it continued to drive the overdraft life for high-speed hoofing, the horse must be scrapped. The horn of “Xi’an Wedding Car Rental” was blown. Qin Jia was the first person to slow down. When he slowed down to a certain level, he screamed “Change the horse!” and took the spare horse with a reins. near. Then the very sturdy feet did not fall to the ground, and then the convenience of the stables and the Takahashi saddle was changed to the new and powerful back riding. The