’s pinch was formed on Xi’an wedding car rental. At that time, Lu Zhe could not attack it. Now, Lu Zhe led the headquarters to withdraw, and how Xiang Liang looked at Lu Zhe was not like deploying a pinch. So what exactly does Lu Zhe want to do? “The generals, the dragon and the general sent people to come to the obituary.” “Hey? Lu Zhe left the troops after the break, and they led the army to Danyang direction?” Lu Zhe’s move was in line with Xiang Liang’s prior speculation, Xiang Liang It is not too unexpected for Lu Zhe to do this. It is also the dilemma that Xiang Liang will do this. “That said, Xiang Zhu’s attack on Danyang was discovered.” Xiang Liang felt that Xiang Zhu was about to capture Danyang, otherwise Lu Zhe would not be so anxious. He thought: “According to the distance, Lu Zhe should be the blockage of those daggers?” Recently, some people have been spreading the evils of the Chu army in Qijiang County. Although Xiang Liang was in the army, he also heard about it. He arranged for the heroes, the clan to incite the dagger to go to contain the custody before actually spreading the speech, in order to make speech, but it seems that Lu Zhe grabbed a first mover? What kind of means does Lu Zhe use to deal with the first Liang of the county? It doesn’t really care. It is natural to delay the speed of Lu Zhe’s withdrawal. If you can’t do it, Xiang Liang can create all kinds of “story”. To stink the reputation of Lu Zhe, strengthen the chapters, Huiji, and so on. The same country is inspired by Qin Xiaogong from the Warring States Period. It is very capable of gathering people’s hearts and minds to fight for the same goal. Xiangshi understands the importance of speech, but lacks the opportunity to twist the hearts of Chu to a rope. It is an attempt to confuse the dagger with Lu Zhe. According to Xiang Liang’s judgment on Lu Zhe, Lu Zhe is definitely not a drag-and-drop character, so it is inevitable that the army will be able to rent a car to the Xi’an wedding. “How long can’t be dragged…” Xi

g County before Jinyang was lost. The second line of defense, Taiyuan County, was not lost as much as the defeat. Chen Yu took the second line of defense in Shangdang County. At this time, the Xuyan Corps of Sanchuan County attacked Zhao from the county. It became the situation of Wang Yan in the north and Xu Yan in the north. How can Zhao Guo not feel? The fear of the war, seeing Qi Yan promised the reinforcements of a soldier did not appear, Zhao Guo heard that Lu Zhe defeated 150,000 South Qin army, with the idea of ??trying to run and want to form an alliance with Lu Zhe. Tian Shu is Zhao Guozheng, and Li Muzhi’s Sun Li Zuo is a deputy. When Lu Zhe led the army back, Li Zuo car stood on the side of the road and saw the tail. To tell the truth, Lu Zhejun’s impression on him was not too fierce. However, the number of troops of Lu Zhejun made him feel strange and saw that he was similar to Zhao Guojin’s The shield long swordsman is even more shocking. It is necessary to know that Zhao Guoke used to be a powerful country during the Warring States period. In addition to a powerful cavalry regiment in northern Xinjiang, it is also a “national capital”. It is a branch that Zhao Guo relies heavily on. There are not many Zhao Guozhan who know how to train hard. The Li family is one of them, and the former warrior family has long since fallen. Li Zuoqi is very sure that Li’s family is not playing in Lu Zhe’s side. How does Lu Zhejun’s strength in this category of arms not to surprise Li Zuo’s car? that Bian Yanbi and the envoys talked here, here Lu Zhe early Xi’an wedding car rental to support Wu Hao. “Wu Junmo wants to think more, and it will be to return to Changsha in the next day.” Lu Zhe whispered comfortably. Wu Hao was shocked. Lu Zhe used the words “to come to Japan” and “recapture”, and it was also called “Wu Jun”. That is not a good phenomenon. Calling “Jun” to see what occasions and fame, Wu Hao self-confessed that he was once reading the entire Changsha County, but it is impossible to say that the re

d, the Qin army must sprinkle a large number of scouts in every battle to ensure that all movements within 20 miles are in control; even the ranks of the army, even the third-rate commander will send scouts, as to whether there is serious The exploration was only known to God; Lu Zhejun kept the Qin Jun’s cautiousness when he went out, and even increased the warning range to 30 miles after he found it. After the situation was discovered, he was warned according to his own mode of danger. Baiyue… Baiyue people called the army. ? Perhaps some of the Baiyue leaders will send a scout, but more are not, even if there is a warning range, it will never exceed five miles. Needless to say, the Baiyue team who had retreated in the first place did not say that there was no such thing as scouting. There was no squad, but the scope of the warning was only three or four miles. When it was discovered around the Meilong Department, it was very tragic. Killed, so I ran into it with a boring head. No kidding, Baiyue people may be serious when they are enemies. The vigilance that they keep will not be less, but they really did not expect that Lu Zhejun would wrap around behind him, so he was very casual when exploring. Not hiding yourself, being discovered and killed one by one is not related to bad luck, it is purely looking for death. It’s unfortunate and fortunate that he is unfortunate. He’s run into the inexperienced Mei Long, not the experienced Sima Xin, nor Lu Zhe, who has a strong control over the military and is very cautious once he enters the command. Because the elite is almost derogated, the squadrons in Luoxian have become extremely devastated. Although they lost a lot of money after the war, they abandoned some of the troops and turned and fled. At least 30,000 people successfully escaped from the battlefield. For the first time, Mei Lan alone led more than 10,000 troops. When he went to war, he could have a happy time and didn’t know it at all. That is, if he did not order the troops to be chased and killed,