ing them, are Han Guang’s name for sale to Han Guo! More than 50,000 cavalry marching on the hoof will definitely cause a slight shake on the ground. The degree of shaking is changing as the distance is getting closer and closer, and the sound of the horseshoe is also the same, so there is a “beep” sound from the far distance, and then becomes the sound of “banging”. The obvious movements and silences show that large-scale cavalry are approaching the military camp. The Yanjun, who knew that this would happen, was naturally observing the camp. The Chen Sheng who was aware of the situation was a large number of wake-up soldiers. Defensive, completely uninformed Donghu is waking up in his sleep. “Listen to the static, approaching cavalry at least three or four thousand up?” 胥纰 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 胥纰 胥纰 胥纰 胥纰Wide, what is happening in the end.” The Altai letter of the 胥纰 is sabintu, the Altai letter that is forced to fall is vtara, and the cockroach is one of the great leaders of Donghu, and it’s also translated as the Chinese name. In fact, the Hu people should be called sabintu-vtara, which is a species or a hook species. Qilian is also one of the great leaders of Donghu. The name of the Hu people is kilem-butun, which is the official name of the Hu people. He also made a similar order from his hair. The rest of the Donghu size leaders shouted their cronies and prepared to fight. They sent people to go to Han Guang. They had to ask what happened. One was to prepare for defense with Yan Jun. They didn’t know that they were sold. Don’t be surprised that the same naming requires the leaders to repeat the instructions. Donghu itself is a tribal alliance. They don’t want the kingdom of the Chinese system. There is a great freedom between the tribe and the tribe. The army also directly obeys the tribal leader. The chiefs cannot directly command the tribal armies. It is the first to persuade the leaders of the tribes to be

least doubled, and the whistling of the gun is like tearing the air. Under the temptation of Yang Tatian, he finally used the real power. The power of this gun is already the real means of the five-level sea level. The white iron knives were immediately shaken by the iron gun. He swayed and slammed, and suddenly he slammed, and the white European body turned, and the shovel was placed flat on the gun that was stabbed. The iron gun was twisted. White Europe has finally used the real means. The power in Xi’an wedding car rental is boiling, the left hand is keeping up, the hands clenched the iron knife, and the terrorist power in Xi’an wedding car rental broke out, integrating genetic energy, Xi’an wedding car rental Such as the rushing out of the sea, the sound of a squeaking sound. On the iron gun held by Yang Titian, the glare of Mars was splashed. In an instant, the iron gun was scarred. Suddenly, the iron gun solved Xi’an’s wedding car rental and became a section of the festival. The White European Palace went straight, smashing the iron gun held by Yang Tedian, and the iron knife was like a broken bamboo, and he fell down towards his chest. The terrible knife was wrapped in a tragic atmosphere. As a flash of lightning fell, the muscles on Yang Tingtian’s face were shaking, and his right hand jerked, throwing the remaining less than a foot of the handle to the white European, and he followed. Then saved. Less than a foot of the handle was thrown into the knives, and immediately shattered into pieces of iron filings, such as the same bullet flying. The strength of this rolling knife is strong enough to easily crush steel, the extreme of terror, and it is almost the gathering of white European body strength. The strength of this knife, even if it is the true sea, the strong, has to change color, first avoid the front. Yang Tattian’s face changed as well. Some pale faces suddenly smeared a blood red. He felt that he was covered by the knife of white Europe. Like the prey that was stared by a poisonous snake, th