ss around. I will wait until the Nanjing sauna to come in. Oh, you think I don’t know Nanjing. Is the YU of the sauna a changeable TAI? Giggle… “You are a madman!” “Thank you, this is the gene of our Hearst family, the nouveau princess!” “Ah-” “Good ball!” The two celebrities who spoke in words were pulled back to the scene by the almost bursting cheers and applause, and the back of the Nanjing sauna, which stood up and cheered up, and looked up to the big screen. Chauncey Billups has a high-altitude pass in the march. The high-altitude players in the basket are like giants. Da Yao jumped up and grabbed the ball with one hand. An aerial relay broke the ball into the basket. . . ———— The eighth hundred and sixty-two chapters are a tragic word! “Yao–” “Yao–” cheers of the whole game, the atmosphere of the whole game was completely raised, the anger of Dayao, and the high-fiving of Changlu, while waving to the field, waving The arm, this feeling is what he has been waiting for for a long time. Changlu’s passing is just like God’s help to him, it’s too comfortable. Listening to the shouts of the fans, he swept away the resentment of the losing streak in the away game. Several front-ranking Chinese faces, cheering him aloud. He knows that there are many Chinese coming tonight, and the Chinese in front of the TV. More. Da Yao stood in the basket, opened his arm and began to defend. He is already familiar with the Nelson’s coaching style. He has a great preference for attacking Nelson, but the defensive requirements are also harsh, because there is a top center like Dayao, so He took out the iron-and-blood defense of the 1990s, emphasized physical confrontation, and placed great emphasis on positional competition. In particular, Nelson has been asking that in addition to the basket, Yao Yao will not move. The other four must have active rounds and assists to make up the position, so although the physical exertion is a bit large, any attack must be initiated from Black Mamba. For the Lakers, it is undoubte

problem in Lanshan County first. As long as he made a deal with the Nanjing sauna, the disaster would be invisible. “Xie Zong, what do you want to give me?” Nanjing sauna smiled and found a cigarette to ignite, slowly took a sip, “I will educate me from a young age, there is no free lunch in the world, I would like to thank you for this credit.” “It’s not easy to take it.” “It’s very simple. Our Dahua company has withdrawn from Lanshan County and returned the mining rights of rare earth mines to your Lanshan County government. Moreover, the text will not be accepted.” Xie Shenghua suppressed his unhappiness, no The way, people have to bow their heads under the eaves. If you don’t look for Qian Wenbo, if you look for someone to come out, the price will be even greater! Moreover, it will be hard to say whether someone will help this. After all, who sees the Dahua Group after such a large piece of fat, but whoever has the power to do it, who will not be tempted? Who can go to the high position in the Jiangnan officialdom, who can have no power? Qian Wenbo came from airborne. He was not deep in Jiangnan. However, he was also the son-in-law of Lejia. The Jiangnan officialdom did not dare to swear at him. What is more important is that Qian Wenbo is the provincial supervisor and deputy secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. As soon as he shot, he could shock those who looked at the Dahua Group. “Oh, Xie always wants to withdraw from Lanshan County?” The Nanjing sauna smiled lightly. “This is a good thing. I believe that the Lanzhou County Committee and the county government will be very happy to talk to Xie. The secretary of Yang will definitely have been waiting for it.” “Yangyang, what is he?” Xie Shenghua snorted, “a dog, how can I talk to me?” Chapter 547 The fifth talk of the night “Xie Zong, this is not appropriate.” Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head, “Yang Shuji is the head of our county party committee, one sentence can determine the strategic development direction of our Lansh

ies. The slightly awkward Nanjing sauna leaned back in the back seat of the car and thought about all the things that he could think of about football. Before drinking and dancing in the nightclub, he was so confused. Although there is no shortage of girls who dance with him, the small Nanjing sauna is also used in the dance floor by various large, flat, round, and squatting MOs, but he really would not choose these night girls, of course, people look at him. No interest, and naturally will not be entangled. No one cares about these, the night life of being happy, the beautiful and colorful, the coming disappears quickly. “Boss, there is a tail behind, I can’t keep it…” Kenny, who was driving the car, pressed the headset on his ear, his brow wrinkled, and pressed a speaker button on the lower steering wheel to report it. On the rear seat where the baffle was raised, the Nanjing sauna brow was lightly wrinkled, and snorted, taking out the mobile phone from the side and watching the time. It was already midnight at 12 o’clock, and could not help but breathe out a sigh. Looking down at the one-of-a-kind bathing for 28, let him ease the relaxed assistant, the streetlights flying through the car make the car light and dark alternately, only the hair tied into the ponytail swings irregularly in the air. After thinking about it, he reluctantly picked up the phone and dialed it out. The phone rang for a while before it was connected, and Lima was hoarse and confused. “Sorry, dear, I can’t go tonight, I’m stuck with the paparazzi…” “Oh, then you sleep, call you tomorrow, good night.” Hang up the phone, look at the Nanjing sauna Since the phone was connected, I stopped to look up and looked at my little assistant with a pair of Shijiajiao MEI eyes. I reached out and pressed the button next to the seat. “Kenny, go back to the Four Seasons Hotel.” Then leaned back on the back of the chair and raised his eyes. He reached out and took the head of the little assistant. “Continue.” Tori Blake’s ruddy face reveals a smile of