er 1516 After returning to Beijing for lunch, the three little guys were also sleepy. They usually have the habit of taking a nap. They played a whole morning this morning. When they go to nap, they will naturally fall asleep. The Nanjing sauna sent Qin Xiaoyong to send the children home, accompanied Wang Maoliang back to the room to drink tea, Wang Maoliang also had the habit of lunch break, ready to take a rest at the municipal party committee. “Nanjing Sauna, these three children in your family are very well educated.” Wang Maoliang took a sip from the teacup and glanced at the Nanjing sauna. He laughed. “You and Chen Hao are classmates of the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee. He Going to Yiyang City this time, you didn’t give him a trick?” “Secretary Wang, although Chen Hao’s ability is very strong, but after all, there is no grassroots work experience, especially to deal with such big things.” Nanjing Sauna shakes his head “At this time, the Yiyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government need to twist into a rope. There is only one voice. If you lick a hammer, I will knock on a hammer and it will only make things more complicated.” “The difference between grassroots work and agency work is very Large, the main work of the agency is to upload and release, and the grassroots face more to deal with all kinds of trivial work, to deal with various emergencies, Chen Yu wants to do results at the grassroots level, he has to learn more. “Oh, I didn’t see that your kid is very unique in terms of employing people.” Wang Maoliang smiled and rubbed his finger at the teacup. “This time, your city council submitted the candidate for the deputy mayor.” Xiang Yun, this should not be the person you want to recommend?” “Secretary Wang, this is the meaning of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Deng. In fact, Yu Ming also proposed a candidate, is the county party secretary of Sanli County, Lan Zhiyuan, however, This blue-yuan ability is not good. It is better to find Tang Gaoyun in the

ly the next morning, the Nanjing sauna got up early, and did not take Yang Qianyu to do the morning flight. The two had breakfast early, and then went to the three photovoltaic companies to inspect it again. The situation of the company is really better than House. The company is much better. However, the Nanjing sauna can feel that the bosses of these three companies do not have much sincerity in cooperation. The reason why they warmly invite the Nanjing sauna to visit is to give Battis a face. Of course, they also hope to try from the Nanjing sauna. Selling products to the Asian side. In fact, the scale of the photovoltaic industry in France is not very large, so as long as the business is very promising, and the house of House The past performance of the company is also very good. The reason why it has fallen to this point is definitely related to the internal contradictions of the company. The flight ticket was on Friday afternoon. The Nanjing sauna accompanied Yang Qiang to Bordeaux to see the three manors. However, Yang Qianxi was not satisfied. Due to the time, the Nanjing sauna could not accompany her again, and hurriedly hit. A car rushed to the airport. “Qian Wei, I am sorry, I have not been able to accompany you for a few days. Don’t worry about buying a manor. If you look slowly, you must buy what you like.” Nanjing sauna tightly squats Yang Yangqi, “The house is going to I lived for a long time.” “Well, I know, you should go to the security check, don’t be late.” Yang Qian said softly, “I will definitely buy the manor. If I am free, I will bring the children to live for a while.” Time, I will drink my own wine in the future.” “Yes, will you come over and live?” “Yes, definitely.” The Nanjing sauna slammed the waist of Yang Qianqian, gently on her lips. A kiss, turned and took a handbag and strode into the hall. His heart was very clear. It is still easy to come. After a few years of high office, it is inconvenient to go abroad. “Well, you go back to the hotel, let Xiao Qian accompany you in the

snowing now, and it is normal for the number of tourists to drop sharply.” The Nanjing sauna simply reported the situation. “You are really a lucky star.” Tian Ming sighed with a sigh. “Since you came to Wuling, not only did tourism work a big step, but other jobs in the city are also high in sesame blossoms.” “Yes, last year’s The economic data is out, do you know?” “I only saw the data of the tourism industry last year, and the summary report of investment promotion. Although the growth is quite a lot, the economic data in the city should not be optimistic. I inquired. In other cities, Wuling is much better.” Nanjing sauna shakes, the growth of tourism data in Wuling last year is very pleasant, but compared to the entire Wuling In terms of economic construction, this data of growth is not enough to make the situation of Wuling change too much. “Yes, Wuling’s development is a long way to go.” Tian Ming nodded and sighed. “This work can only rely on you. After so many years of leadership, there have been too many cadres who have seen it.” However, if you are serious and responsible in your work, you are also a very leading cadre. You are the best one. Let’s do it well. Wuling will rely on you later.” “Thank you, Mayor, I will continue to work hard.” Nanjing Sauna Hehe smiled, took a cup and took a sip, and my heart moved. Didn’t Tian Ming know where he was going, “I have achieved such a result because of the support of the mayor, and the Wuling people still need you to lead. Everyone is getting rid of poverty and getting rich.” “No chance.” Tian Ming sighed. “I heard that the provincial party committee is already considering the mayor of Wuling. I just received a call from the organization department of the provincial party committee, let me next Monday. Go to the organization department of the provincial party committee.” “Mayor, congratulations, congratulations, are you going to promote this?” Nanjing sauna is somewhat unreasonable. “Improved and promoted.” Tian Ming shook his head and smiled a little. “W

valuation of these buildings was completely reduced to a minimum. The Nanjing sauna touched the chin and fell into thought. The Miami Herald was founded in 1903 and is the second largest newspaper in South Florida. The state, which is also distributed to Latin America and the Caribbean, has more than 800 employees. Its brand value is unquestionable. To be honest, for the price of more than 200 million US dollars, the Nanjing sauna is really not in the eye, right Now, for him, these are small money, just like people who are carrying hundreds of dollars of money, go into the ‘2 yuan shop’ to buy things, never In the meantime, it costs 2 yuan. Not to mention the value for money. Since Al believes that the value of their headquarters building is very high, it must be profitable. The Nanjing sauna is absolutely believed to be the chief think tank of Al. “That’s it, send people to contact the McClatchy newspaper group. I will fly to Miami before November 6. I will finish the transaction by then, right, send someone to contact the forum company and tell them that I am right. The Los Angeles Times is very interested. As a Los Angeles native, I know very well that Californians hope that this newspaper will return to the locals. . . Alpha is expressionless, but the corner of his mouth is still unnaturally pulled. What is the strange reason for his boss? Boss, you seem to be a New Yorker? Are you a Los Angeles resident in Los Angeles? “Okay, boss.” I will arrange for people to contact each other immediately. The problem of the Herald is not big. The McClatchy Group is really going to sell, eager to withdraw funds to get rid of debt, but the Los Angeles Times may have some troubles, Samuel Zell Although he played awkwardly, he just bought the forum company after all, and may not easily admit defeat. ” “Then let go of my intention to buy the Los Angeles Times and let his creditors force him to make a choice. I have to look at the opportunity to pay back, but I want to apply for bankruptcy protection, such as Barclays. MG Ch