agic. The figure of the flaps flashed in reality. He appeared in the dark alley, and behind him was the sound of running and catching up. Looking back, I saw a few policemen running towards the outside of the alley. “Sure enough.” Looking at the hole that seemed to be blasted, the flaps nodded confidently. Perhaps this is the correct usage of the time hound. Whether it is used for combat or for tracking. I walked toward the hole, and then I saw the figure flashing in the hole. A policeman ran out with a gun and almost hit the flap with a flap. The thick smell made the wing brow a Zou, raised his ankle on the other side, and directly cut the other person’s body when the other party did not reflect it. A knife directly cast a value of 6 points to make it smash, and also sucked a little magic value, the other party did not die, the flap did not want to fill the knife, but continued to walk inside. After convinced that he had entered the interior, the flaps started the hound and returned to the normal timeline. The wall behind it that should have been blasted has been repaired, but the internal damaged facilities are obviously still being repaired. It is the time when the flaps come. There are not many people here. “Hey, there is a voice there.” Hearing the human voice, the flaps started the time hound and jumped back to the timeline of the past. It is necessary to prove the value of NPC forces, perhaps a weaving of a lie to deal with. The flaps never thought about facing the three old days of dominance alone, although the investigators only had one, but the NPC was definitely more than that. Once again, I jumped back to the normal timeline. The flaps walked quietly forward, and behind them were the strange sounds of the staff. When they turned their heads, they found that a person who should not have existed was ignoring them to them. Come to the place to go. In ten minutes, the flaps used the time hound to make five or six jumps until they faintly heard the bark of the dog, and he had already arrived at a place tha